Why Do Cats Stretch When They Greet You


Why Do Cats Stretch When They Greet You

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Cats are curious in nature. They do lots of funny things that have no sense in reality. However, cats do like to stretch a lot. They stretch in different ways and different places. They also use this stretching behavior as a part of their greeting. You might have noticed too. But do you know what could be the reason behind this? Why do cats stretch when they greet you? Is it a bad or a good sign? Come with us, and let’s show you the exact reasons behind this type of behavior.

Why Do Cats Stretch When They Greet you

Why Do Cats Stretch When They Greet You?

Actually, there are only a few things nicer and better than a long stretch. And this is the thing where our feline friend has shown her expertise. They love to stretch, and if this were a sport, they would have become a World Champion. The internet is also filled with numerous pictures of stretching cats.

But why do they do this?

Well, to the cats, this behavior is really very important. They need to do this most of the time. But this type of behavior is often overlooked by multi-cat owners. Unlike humans, stretching plays an important role in cats. It increases the blood flow and regulates stiffness due to inactivity.

It increases the blood flow and regulates stiffness due to inactivity

As we all know, most of our muscles are paralyzed by our brain when we sleep. And due to the laxity of movement, blood can’t circulate properly. But this stage is initially recovered when we wake up.

Cats usually sleep 16 hours a day, and that’s more than a human does. As a result, they will need more stretch to bring everything in normal. That’s why they stretch more than we do. In fact, stretching triggers their muscle and ensures that they are ready for action.

Like humans, stretching also makes a cat feel good. It helps them to ease the tension and release endorphins in the brain. Thus, they get a feeling of their well-being.

An anxious cat may stretch more than a normal cat. This habit is also developed in them due to the tension in their body. Aside from all these, stretching is also seen in the female most of the time. It is actually an indication that they are ready to accept the male.

If your cat tends to stretch more in front of you, there is nothing to worry about. It is simply trying to attract you, saying that she feels secure around you. You should also show your love to her at that time.

Final Thoughts

These are the exact reasons behind a cat’s stretching behavior. Hopefully, you have understood the facts and won’t have to search “Why do cats stretch when they greet you” again. If you need to learn more about a cat’s behavior, you can check our website. Here you will get tons of information and everything you need to know about your pet. You can share thoughts through the comment section below.

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