How Long Can a Small Dog Hold Its Bladder Overnight?


How Long Can a Small Dog Hold Its Bladder Overnight

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A puppy is like a newborn. That’s why when you bring a small puppy, the joy and fun will be inexplicable. The main joy and feeling come from their childish behavior. Like the babies, they can also give you some restless hours and sleepless nights. But if you can learn some tricks handling a baby puppy will be a lot easier. One of the most annoying problems is with their pee, and this culprit can ruin your good night’s sleep. So, the question is, how long can a small dog hold its bladder overnight? Well, let’s find out!

How Long Can a Small Dog Hold Its Bladder Overnight?

Actually, small puppies pee a lot. According to researches, puppies can pee 24 times a day. A puppy usually has a small bladder compared to the adults. Due to that, they have to go to the bathroom more. This means if you fail to set a nighttime potty routine, your entire room will be sprayed with dog pee. Well, that’s going to be literally disgusting, isn’t it? So, without any delay, let’s find out the exact answers.

How Long Can a Small Dog Hold Its Bladder Overnight?

This is equivalent to their age. This means if your puppy is eight months old, then he can hold his urine or face for 8 hours. If he is older, then he can hold for more. In this case, a two-month-old puppy can hold his urine for 3 hours. This time increases with the increasing age number. At the age of 6 months, a puppy gains the ability to hold its urine for 7 to 8 hours. However, no matters how old the dog is, no dogs should hold their urine for more than 8 hours.

Different breeds have different requirements. Some working dogs or guard dogs can hold their urine for 10 to 12 hours. A dog should always be taken out for urinating after a meal or a drink. Keeping them hold their stool for a long time can lead to several unwanted health issues. It can cause a bladder infection, inflammation, etc. If this happens, your dog will start to pee frequently.

When your dog forcefully holds their pee for a longer period, it tends the urine to build more bacteria inside. This can affect the overall body of your dog.

Some working dogs or guard dogs can hold their urine for 10 to 12 hours.

Some seasonal changes can also affect the peeing condition of the dogs. At the time of summer, your dog will spend most of his time roaming outside. As a result, they will feel more thirst which will ultimately make them urinate more. But during winter this will change completely. As they will drink less water, they aren’t going to urinate frequently.

Anxiety, age, lack of training can also play a great role in this issue. So, you need to pay proper attention to all these. If you feel complications to identify the exact cause, you can contact your vet. They will find a better solution for you and your puppy. Conclusion

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