Can Dogs Give Cats Kennel Cough


Can Dogs Give Cats Kennel Cough

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What would you do if you suddenly notice that your cat shows some sickness symptoms, and those symptoms sound like kennel cough? Things might scare you if you see there are no other cats around your cat. But you have noticed your cat was around a dog from a neighbor recently. So, does the dog caused it? Can dogs give cats kennel cough? These questions will start to bother you.

Can Dogs Give Cats Kennel Cough

Kennel coughs in animals are very common. It can be compared with human bronchitis. The most fearsome thing about this cough is that it is very contagious. If any animal with a kennel cough even breath around another animal, they will surely catch it. If it is not treated at the right time, it could be very hazardous if the contacted animal.

Can Dogs Give Cats Kennel Cough?

Well, kennel cough can be passed through any animal. If your cat is around any dog with kennel cough, they will likely to be infected as well.

The kennel cough has symptoms like coughing a lot, have a fever, nasal discharge, etc. So, if you notice your cat showing these symptoms, you should immediately take them to a doctor and get them treated.

The cough bacteria can be transferred by sneeze and breathing. Whatever surface the infected animal is one, they will leave the bacteria there. When another animal gets to the spot, it is surely going to catch the bacteria. Your pet is likely to be suffered a lot when they catch kennel cough.

So, in case if you think that your cat has gotten the bacteria from a nearby dog, you should hurry up and get them treated so it will not get worse by the day. You can also save other animals around your cat from catching the bacteria as well.

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