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  • How To Clean Rabbits Eyes

    How To Clean Rabbits Eyes

    Keeping Your Rabbit’s Eyes Clear and Healthy Caring for your rabbit goes beyond providing food, water and shelter. An important part of rabbit health that is often overlooked is eye care. Your rabbit’s eyes need routine cleaning and inspection to prevent issues from developing. Rabbits have large eyes located on the sides of their head,…

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  • Oh Crap! How Do You Clean Dried Up Poop From The Floor

    Oh Crap! How Do You Clean Dried Up Poop From The Floor

    The Smelly Surprise of Dried Poop You walk into the room and an all-too-familiar stench hits your nostrils. Your eyes dart around, looking for the source, until you spot it – a dried, crusted stain on the floor that can only be one thing: poop. Dried poop on the floor is the absolute worst. It’s…

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  • How To Clean Cats Eyes Infection

    How To Clean Cats Eyes Infection

    Has your furry feline friend been squinting, pawing at their eyes, or showing other signs of eye irritation? Eye infections in cats can arise from bacteria, viruses, allergies, and other causes. Left untreated, they can lead to more serious eye damage and health complications. While it’s essential to see your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis…

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