How to Build a Roof Over a Dog Kennel


How to Build a Roof Over a Dog Kennel

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You might have brought a high-quality dog kennel to keep your dog safe during the nighttime and provide them with their own personal place to take rest. But are they really safe from the harshness of the environment like sun heat, storms, and rain? Without a roof, they aren’t actually safe from any of these. That’s why it is crucial to install a roof for maximum protection. Do you know how to build a roof over a dog kennel? I am gonna show you how, here in this article.

How to Build a Roof Over a Dog Kennel

How to Build a Roof Over a Dog Kennel

Well, installing a dog kennel with a roof is too easy. Simply follow the above techniques;

1. Cut the timbers

2. Take the landscape fabric and lay them accordingly.

3. Build two walls of 10 feet and one wall of 17-foot

4. Assemble the walls that are 20 feet

5. Build a gate and its attachment

6. And lastly, add the roof and the mat.

How to Build a Roof Over a Dog Kennel

The roof of the kennel can be attached in several ways, depending on the type of materials used. The easiest way to create a roof is to cover the kennel with a lightweight sheet, tarp or plastic. They can be attached with some screws, and the entire installation can be completed with minimal effort.

You can also use some high-quality and premium materials for your roof. They are heavy and may require more hands to install, but once you install them up, you can stay relaxed for years. This roofing features durable construction that can withstand all sorts of roughness of weather.

Hopefully, you have understood the facts; if you are still confused, feel free to use the comment section below.

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