Do Pitbulls Make Good Guard Dogs


Do Pitbulls Make Good Guard Dogs

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People generally know people due to their muscular body, high-energy levels, and endurance. In fact, pit bulls are an origin of the bull-bait dogs. They are first known as the hunting dogs, but after some years, people started to use pit bulls as a domestic dog. Due to their outstanding physical condition and the legacy of working-class dogs, pit bulls are appropriate to be good guard dogs. But is it really what we think? Do Pitbulls make good guard dogs, or the muscles are only for show? Let’s find out!

Do Pitbulls Make Good Guard Dogs

Well, even they have good muscle and body condition, there is some controversy about the fact. Some say are pit bulls are good guard dogs, where others say they are not successful guard dogs at all. There is a good debate about this fact. Besides, you might have seen many other things on the internet. Okay, as you are nowhere, forget what you know and what you have seen earlier. We are going to provide you with evidence-based information here. So, let’s dive in!

Do Pitbulls Make Good Guard Dogs?

Actually, the answer is no. According to the study of Pit Bull Rescue San Diego, this dog breed is fun-loving, and they love humans. As a result, if they see any strangers, they will treat them in the same way as a friend. But dog Breed Info Center says something else.

Pit bulls are known for being good guard dogs, and they have a reputation for protecting their master’s property effectively. This suggests that, with proper training, you can harness their strength to safeguard your home. To achieve this training, you will need to start teaching your pit bull from an early age. Let’s take a look at the process of this training.

Do Pitbulls Make Good Guard Dogs


First and foremost, you’ll need to socialize your puppy. Get them used to being around people and help them understand the difference between strangers and friends. Do this gradually and carefully, so as not to make your puppy scared or aggressive towards every person they meet.

In order to help your puppy understand the threat of traffic and noises, you should take them on a regular walk. This will help them become familiar with these things. After that, you should train your puppy to be respectful to other dogs and puppies. They should learn how to interact well with other family members and children.

The Real Pit Bull Center states that socialization for Pit Bulls should start from 7 to 12 weeks of age in order for them to learn how to be happy and interact with the people in their family.

Do Pitbulls Make Good Guard Dogs

You can also teach some basic obedience to your puppy. Make them follow each and every command you give to them. If you can train them properly and they will follow your command. You can later use your command to make them attack. Hopefully, the fact is clear to you now. If you want to train your puppy to attack, you have to make sure that he or she knows basic obedience. You can even let them play with a toy before you ask them to attack. It is just like playing with a toy.

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