Why Do Cats Bite Each Other Necks


Why Do Cats Bite Each Others Necks

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Seeing your two cats playing with each other is such a blessing moment for being a cat parent. You will always want your cats to be together, get along, and play with each other. But one day, you might see them aggressively biting each other’s neck, and that might scare you and make you think why do cats bite each other’s necks?

Why Do Cats Bite Each Others Necks

There is the reason why do cats bite each other’s necks! Let’s take a look at them.

Predatory Behavior

The reason why your cat may bite another cat’s neck is to show its predatory behavior. We all know cats are natural predators. They are a wild animal that needs to hunt down their prey for living. By biting the neck, it is their method of killing.

So, it is basically their instinct to show their fierce side anywhere.
Two cats playing together may bite each other’s necks if they get too rough. This is a way for one cat to show the other that it doesn’t want to play anymore.

Playing Method

Cats may bite each other’s necks as a way of playing. They will have some time to play and bite each other’s necks softly to show that they won the game. If one cat bites the other too hard, it will run away. The cat will understand that their action ruined the playtime and will not bite too hard the next time.

All though it is natural for the cats to bite the neck, but if you feel like they are behaving way too aggressively, you can always train them to stop the behavior. Otherwise, everything should be fine.

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