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Why Does My Cat Sniff My Nose?

Cats are one of the most expressive creatures that you can have as your pet. Even though they can’t talk, they will try to express how they actually feel. Well, some behaviors of cats really hard to explain, and they don’t have any suitable explanations. One of them is sniffing the nose. Maybe you are willing to know the reasons behind this, and that’s why you have searched why does my cat sniff my nose, right?

Why Does My Cat Sniff My Nose

You are in the correct place because I am here to explain some common reasons for the cat’s behavior, including the sniffing of the nose. So, if you want to understand a bit better, I will suggest you leave all your works for a couple of minutes and concentrate on this article till the end.

Why Does My Cat Sniff My Nose

1. Sniffing Your Nose and Face

Actually, the strong sense of smell is the only thing on which a cat relies most. They usually gather information about the food, prey, and things surrounding them. If your cat is sniffing your nose, it means she is trying to greet you. Haven’t you seen the cats greet their fellow friends? Things are quite similar to that. By sniffing your nose, they also want to increase the trust level and develop the bonding between you and your cat. It’s like she is trying to take your smell to grow some memory.

2. Rubbing the Cheeks On Everything

AroundWell, it is a common thing that’s seen in every cat. Cat uses this for marking their territory. So, whenever you find your cat rubbing her cheeks against the furniture, doorway, or any other objects in your house, assume that they are marking their territory. The mouth, chin, and cheek area of a cat have a special scent gland with which leave a unique scent in those areas. They usually leave this scent by rubbing the area and identify their territory mark with that.

3. Surprise Gifts

Cats are well-known for their hunting instinct. House cats don’t actually need to use this instinct anymore as they get their foods easily. But their hunting instinct still remains in them. So, if your cat brings a dead bird (it can be still alive), don’t become amazed. Assume it as their praiseworthy hunting skill. The reason for bringing the bird in front of you is that they are trying to show you how to hunt.

4. Tail Curved

Cat’s don’t do this much, but they also show some love to their masters. If your cat snuggles you more than before and curves their tail around your leg, consider that she is trying to give you a hug.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above discussion has cleared some unknown facts and behaviors of a cat. If you need to ask anything, feel free to use the comment section below.

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