Why Does My Cat Like the Smell of Bleach


Why Does My Cat Like the Smell of Bleach

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Being a cat owner means you are going to witness a lot of weird behavior from your cat. One day they will be friendly with you; another day, they may not. They will love a certain toy once and then throw them away next. You will also notice them showing interest in things that do not call for a cat behavior.

Why Does My Cat Like the Smell of Bleach

So, in case if you suddenly witness that your cat loves the smell of bleach and longing around it frequently, there is nothing to be worried about. Cats smelling and liking bleach is very common, but the question of why does my cat likes the smell of bleach could be burning. Let’s find out the exact reason for that.

Learn: Why Does My Cat Like the Smell of Bleach

Unfortunately, a cat cannot tell us the exact reason they love the smell ofbleach. But that does not mean I should give up on knowing why my cat likes the smell of bleach. As this behavior is very common, there are naturally, a lot of research has been done by cat lovers, scientists, and veterinarians.

The most trustworthy answer is that your cat might be liking the chlorine in bleach rather than the actual bleach! As you might have already heard or seen, cats are very intrigued by catnips. That is because catnips also have chlorine in them. So, what is the deal with chlorine?

The smell of chlorine seems to act like a pheromone to cats. Pheromones have a distinctive smell that is liked by a cat. It works like a charm to them, and they start to droll and roll around after being exposed to pheromone. Chlorine does not have the same effect as a pheromone, but it can mimic the chemical smell. So, when the cat gets close to bleach, they can smell the chlorine, and they love it!

Another great question is if bleach is harmful to them or not!

The answer to this question is that they are risky for them, but as long as your cat is only sniffing not consuming the bleach, they should be safe. Smelling the bleach will not harm them in any way. But if they start to consume bleach, it could cause chemical poisoning in them. If you ever see your cat consuming bleach, take necessary steps immediately, or take them to a doctor.

The best way to keep your cat away from bleach is to not use it near them. If you need to use bleach at home, you can keep your cat away for a while. Also, make sure to dilute the bleach with water to reduce the amount of chemicals. This way, even if your cat eats bleach, the reaction will not be as severe.

Final Thoughts

That was all for why does my cat likes the smell of bleach. There is some behavior of cats that may odd you out, but you need to be careful of them so they will not harm themselves. Hopefully, our article will be helpful to you.

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