Why Do Cats Like Being Patted On the Bum


Why Do Cats Like Being Patted On the Bum

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Cats are always very attention-seeking animals. Those of us who have a cat in their house can easily acknowledge this issue. When our cat does not get the owner’s proper attention, it will become sad, and gradually the cat will stop favoring their owner. In such a situation, it is the duty of the owner duty to take the whole responsibility and always pay proper attention to the feline.

Why Do Cats Like Being Patted On the Bum

There are many ways that you can take care of the cat. This does not always include feeding the cat. This is a wrong notion among the cat owners that keeping the cat well feed will keep it charming. Other gestures will be highly beneficial. Among them, patting the cat on the bum is very efficient. And some of you have already observed that patting your cat on the bum comforts the cat.

They like it very much, and there is a specific reason behind this. The cat loves grooming, and they groom each other. You can get assured by the constant licking tendency of the cats. But there are some places around the body where they cannot reach and groom properly. The posterior region is included in this case, and when you pat the bum, they get a feel of comfort, and the itching in those areas is also compromised.

The reason they feel safe is because when you stop patting their bum, they tend to get angry. It would help if you were more gentle when patting their bum and kept doing it until your cat is satisfied. This will help create a strong bond between you and your pet cat. Plus, your cat will become happier and want to stay near you more.

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