Why Do Cats Walk in Front of Your Feet


Why Do Cats Walk in Front of Your Feet

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Cat owners may have lots of complain about their favorite feline friend and one of them could be because the cat is walking right at their foot! If you are a cat owner then you might have noticed that behavior by your cat already that they love you to walk in front of you making you think over the fact why do cats walk in front of your feet!

So that you know, this behavior by your cat is not uncommon. Every cat loves to walk right at your foot as if they did not see you walking behind them. At first, you find them cute and as well as feel loved. But after some time, you may start to think it is getting a little annoying, especially when you are in hurry and your cat is blocking the way!

Why Do Cats Walk in Front of Your Feet

Not only that, them walking in front of you can cause harm as well. You may accidentally step on them and hurting them, you could be in a hurry and somehow try to avoid and cause a ruckus, or you try to avoid them and end up tripping and falling. Whatever happens, it will not be a good scenario. So, if you are curious about why do cats walk in front of your feet, let us have a discussion and see if we can find out some solution to prevent that.

Reasons of Why Do Cats Walk in Front of Your Feet

Trying to Lead You

Your cat is trying to lead you on your path because it is a common behavior for cats to lead their master on the path. Cats are generally intelligent animals and hence they think they know where you are going. That is why when they see you walking, they think they must lead you to your destination. If you want to check if this is the reason for your cat to be walking in front of you, you can stop for a while and see if they also stop to check on you as well or not.

They Are Hungry

As we have mentioned the reason why do cats walk in front of your feet is to lead you to your destination, you should know that their idea about the destination and your idea may not match at all. You might be going somewhere else but your cat may have something else on its mind and it is related to food. Yes, if your cat is hungry and sees you walking, they will try to lead you to where their food is by walking in front of you.

They Are Hungry

To Show Dominance

The author gives another reason for why cats walk in front of people, which is that they want to show dominance. Cats are demanding animals and think of themselves as the boss of the household. Therefore, when people are walking, cats will walk in front of them to show that they are in charge.

Separation Anxiety

One grave reason your cat may be suffering could be from separation anxiety. Many cats have separation anxiety and show it differently. One way could be by walking in front of you. When they see you walking somewhere, they will not want to lose sight of you and walk in front of you. By doing that, they can make sure you’re not leaving their sight and they’re around you.

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They Want Attend

The cat may be trying to get your attention by walking in front of you. If this happens often, it may be because you’re not spending enough time with your cat or showing it enough love. Try playing with your cat more often.

Separation Anxiety

Final Thoughts

That was all for why do cats walk in front of your feet. We hope our explanation is enough for you to understand your cat’s behavior and it will also help you to find a reasonable solution.

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