Why Do Cats Like to Lay in the Sun?


Why Do Cats Like to Lay in the Sun

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On sunny days we have often observed that the pet cat is lying idle in the sun. Sometimes it moves a bit, but most of the time, while lying, they keep still. This unusual behavior of such a notorious animal can amuse us. Sometimes we think that the cat is suffering from sickness. But you do not need to worry about it. Today we will discuss the probable reasons that might work behind your cat lying in the sun.

Why Do Cats Like to Lay in the Sun

Why Such Behavior?

Many reasons can be corroborated behind this behavior of cats. But we can assure that most of the causes behind laying in the sun is for good purposes. The first thing we want to discuss as a core reason behind lying in the sun generation of Vitamin D. We know that sunlight is one of the most natural sources of vitamin D production.

Like human cats can also create vitamin D. When they lie in the sun, and oil is secreted from their skin. Then this oil is broken with the help of radiation from the sun. Breaking oil vitamin D is produced. This is highly beneficial for the skin. Generally, the oil vitamin is reabsorbed in our skin, but there is some different procedure for cats.

The vitamin remains in their fur, and it does not get absorbed in the skin. When the cat grooms its hair, the vitamin receives ingested. Another reason behind lying in the sun is the affinity towards the warmth of the sun. Most of the domestic cats raised in the US families have African Bobcat ancestors. For this reason, their core skin and body is specifically designed to operate best at a warm temperature.

Besides, most of the houses are designed with automated heating systems, so they will try to embrace it when they find natural heat. The body temperature of cats is much higher than humans, and for this reason, they feel chillier than us. It might be another for them to lie in the sun. They get warmth and enjoy lying, especially after winter.

The temperature inside the house is relatively low compared to outside. Your cat might want to warm their body lying in the sun and enjoy themselves. Another important reason behind lying in the sun is regaining energy. When cats sleep, their metabolism drops, and for this reason, sunlight is highly crucial.

The heat generated inside the body will energize them. It will take away the laziness and make them lively. A brief lying in the sun will make them energized, and they will keep running all around the house joyfully. These are the probable reasons which can be attributed to lying in the sun for your beloved felines.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we are optimistic that the reasons we have mentioned here will clarify all your doubts. You will not be skeptical anymore after going through the whole discussion. But we want to specify that if you observe your cat spending more time than usual lying in the sun, you have to consult with the vet. Your vet will be able to assess correctly and provide the necessary advice. Thank you. Have a good day.

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