Why Do Cats Smack Their Lips


Why Do Cats Smack Their Lips

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In recent times having a pet in your house has been an integrated aspect. You can barely find a household that does not have a pet in their home. Most of the people in the US either have a cat or dog. And both of these animals have their features. Sometimes certain cases might make the owners worried. We know that it is the owners’ sole duty to keep an eye on every minuscule aspect of your pet.

Why Do Cats Smack Their Lips

And when the pet is a cat, you should be more sincere because cats require more care than dogs. One of the most visible anomalies of cats is smacking of lips, and you will always see this because there are certain body conditions common in cats and allow them to adopt these behaviors. Sometimes the cat owners get overtly worried observing this condition. Today, we will offer you some basic thoughts that will elucidate this situation for your betterment.

Reasons for Smacking Lips

There are specific reasons which can be dominant behind the smacking of lips, we have already known that smacking lips is a common phenomenon, but there are particular indications which your cat wants to share with you through this behavior. Some of us who are having a cat in our house are familiar with the term ptyalism.

This is sometimes thought to be a disorder for cats, but this is not harmful most of the time. This phenomenon refers to the excess of saliva generation in the mouth of your cat. This is the most common cause for the smacking of lips. When there is excessive saliva inside the mouth of your cat, he or she will continue smacking the lips.

This will lessen the amount of excessive saliva, but if you see your cat doing this more often, then you should always visit the vet. Excessive generation of saliva is a sign of loss of appetite and vomiting. So it would be best if you took the advice of a professional vet when you see your cat smacking lips more than usual.

Another situation, contrary to ptyalism, is xerostomia, which is the opposite of excessive saliva generation. In such cases, there is a lack of saliva in the mouth of your cat. Besides, your cat will start having a dry mouth. In this case, you have to start checking your cat, your cat will begin smacking the lips, and gradually it will increase.

Moreover, this condition is more dominant in adult cats who had kidney failure. The cats who are having kidney failure will face this situation, and it will continuously keep smacking lips. Besides another reason that is dominant behind smacking lips is the dryness of gums. So you have to check inside your cat’s mouth regularly to find out the condition of the gums, and then you have to start offering food according to the advice of a vet.

There are also different reasons which might be responsible for smacking lips. One of them is vomiting tendency, and if you observe your cat continuously smacking lips, you have to check for vomiting tendency. This might be associated with the diet of your cat. Besides, dental issues can also be the reason for smacking lips, and this happens when there is something attached in between the teeth.

Sometimes if your cat has broken teeth, it will start feeling uncomfortable, and in such a scenario, smacking of lips is evident. Sometimes stomach upset is also a core reason for smacking lips. This happens when your cat eats something that creates a problem inside the abdomen, making the situation uneasy.

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What is the Solution?

This is the most crucial section of our discussion, till now you have understood the probable reasons responsible for smacking of lips. Now we are going to offer some suggestions that will help you ease the situation. First, you have to check for the medical complications and then provide the most effective medicine to your cat.

If you observe that your cat is stressing, you must offer a suitable environment and appease your cat. Sometimes nervousness and anxiety can be a prominent reason behind smacking of the lip. The most effective way to treat your dog is taking advice from a vet.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we hope that the reasons we have discussed will help you determine the exact cause for your cat’s smacking of lips. For our readers’ betterment, we highly suggest that you keep a healthy diet for your cat and always keep them in a healthy environment, which will not make them anxious. Thank you. Have a good day.

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