How to Stop Cats Walking on Fence


How to Stop Cats Walking on Fence

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Not everyone is going to be a pet lover, and sometimes situations can be even if the person likes a pet, they are unable to bring one to live with them at home. But when we do not want an animal in our house, animals will come themselves, and this thing happens a lot with cats. That is why we are here to figure out how to stop cats from walking on the fence.

Even with high fences and all the protection around your home, you might still find the occasional cat making its way in. They’ll come and wreak havoc on your garden, steal food from your kitchen, urinate around your house and yard, and before you know it, they’ll be living around your home.

If you don’t want cats walking on your fence, you can take some measures to stop them. For example, you can put up a barrier or spray a repellent on the fence.

Learn: How to Stop Cats Walking on Fence

Use Extra Protection on Fence

You might not have enough protection on your fence; hence, the cats are able to walk on them freely. That is why you need to put something up in there that will deter them from walking on the fence.

There are some sharp spikes available to put over the fence. You can get them and put them on your fence. You will see that there will be no suitable place for the cats to walk on.

Motion Activated Sprinkles

The next option for how to stop cats walking on fence is by installing motion-activated sprinkles. It is a little water sprinkle item that will splash water everywhere around your yard.

You can install it to water the grasses, but it can also fend off cats that might try to enter your house through the fence as it is known that cats are timid to come in contact with water. They will never go somewhere that has water. So, if they see that your yard can sprinkle them with water every now and then, they will be afraid to come again. The birdfeeder

Use Cat Repellent

There are various items available at the market that will solve all your house-related problems. There are even products that are made to fend away cats. If you search around, you will easily find a cat repellent. That repellent works in a way that will discharge some smell cats will not be able to take. That eventually leads them to leave the place. Once they start to realize the site is not suitable for them, they will stop coming and climbing on your fence.

Use Oils or Scents

There are some oils that have a citrus scent to them, or you can use other scents such as lemon, citronella, etc., that are not very liked by the cats. What you can do is put enough oil around the top of your fence. Once the cats get near to it, they will go away soon due to the smell. Also, applying oil will make the wall greasy, and the cat does not like to touch grease with their paws. They will start to stay away from your fence.

Double-Sided Tape

Another known fact is that cats do not like to walk on sticky things. What you can do is put double-sided tape on your fence. Once the cat climbs on the fence, they will feel the stickiness and leave it immediately. One thing you need to be careful about this method is that you might have to change the tape frequently as they might start to wear out due to dust and rain.

Foil Paper

It is found out that cats in Australia do not like foil paper. You can easily use this information by putting foil paper around your fence to see if the cats stop coming or not. Foil paper is very reflective, and during the day, the reflection will become irritating for the cats. Also, foil paper will make a lot of noise once the cats start to walk on them. They will stop walking on the fence if they see foil paper on them.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to stop cats walking on the fence. We hope that our suggestion will be helpful for you, and you will find the right way to prevent the cats from entering your house and ruin anything.

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