How to Stop Cat From Scratching Door Frames

It is quite unfortunate that your beloved cat is scratching on your sofa and practically ruining them. But as a cat owner, you should already know that they do not want to harm your furniture intentionally. Cats will scratch anywhere. Even your newly framed door that you are treasuring. If you see your cat behaving unusual with its scratching and feeling it will attach your door anytime soon, you need to learn how to stop cats from scratching door frames. We are here to help you find some solutions to solve the problem.

How to Stop Cat From Scratching Door Frames

Learn: How to Stop Cat from Scratching Door Frames

There are several reasons why cats scratch door frames. It is a natural thing for them to do and you cannot expect them to learn not to scratch all of a sudden. However, there are some things you can do to stop them from scratching. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why cats scratch door frames and how to stop them from doing it.

Give Them Manicure

One of the main reasons your cat scratches is because of its nails. They have sharp claws that can tear down everything they want and put the worse scratch on your door frames. So, the first solution to stop cats from scratching door frames is by cutting your cat’s nails. You need to maintain a regular cutting session for them to keep the nails in good shape so they will not be able to scratch.

Put Out Some Scratching Posts

There are products available for cats that are made for them to scratch. These products can help keep your cat from scratching furniture or other things in your home.

Give Them Comfort Product

The comfort products are used mostly to calm your cat down. It also helps with their scratching situation. If your cat is scratching due to irritation, these comfort products will come in very handy to stop them from scratching. You can use a diffuser or spray as a comfort product.

Use Deterrent

You can use a deterrent on your cat to get them to stop scratching on the door. The deterrent can be a great option if you want your cat to learn specific behavior. You can use territorial barriers as well.

Give Them Games

If your cat is scratching near your door, you can give them a toy to play with. Once they start playing, they will quickly forget about scratching. You can also get some toys that discourage scratching.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to stop cats from scratching door frames. We hope that our tips will come in handy for you to control your cat from scratching and save your precious doors.

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