How to Prevent Dog From Falling Off Bed


How to Prevent Dog From Falling Off Bed

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Dogs are playful and full of energy, but even the most active pooch can get tired. That’s when they like to take a nap, frequently on their owner’s bed. While this may seem cute, it can also be dangerous if your dog falls off the bed and gets injured. This article will discuss how to prevent dog from falling off bed.

How to Prevent Dog From Falling Off Bed

Dogs are known for being all over the place. They’ll be in one spot, and then on your lap, on the sofa, on the bed – you name it. Since they’ve got so much energy, trying to stop them can be like trying to stop a runaway train.

While this may seem cute to some people who love their dogs, it is potentially dangerous for your pet. If your dog falls off your bed while playing or just by accident, they could get seriously injured!

A Stepwise Guide on How to Prevent Dog From Falling Off Bed

Step 1 : Suitable Dog Bed

If you own a dog, you should know that they love to sleep. How about making them happy by getting them the best dog bed.

Picking Correct Type of Bed for Dog

Picking the correct type of bed for your pet is very important as it can keep them safe and comfortable throughout their life. In addition, a suitable dog bed will make your pets feel relaxed, which results in better health.

There are various types of beds available for sale on the market today, but among all, orthopedic beds are considered one of the most appropriate types of beds for dogs. This type of dog bed is great because it has plenty of cushioning, which supplies comfortable support and allows airflow among the body surface and mattress cover.

Step 2 : Use a Ramp or Steps

If your dog has difficulty climbing onto the bed, you should get him a ramp or steps. This can be very helpful to your pet because it makes entry into the bed much more accessible.

Using Ramp for Dogs Into Beds

Many models of dog ramps are available on sale today, which are not just effective but also have an attractive design that adds style to your home decor.

The best part about using this type of aid is that they are very affordable while at the same time ensuring your pets remain safe and sound while climbing up and down from the bed.

Step 3 : Put Your Dog’s Bed in Appropriate Location

The placement of your pet’s bed is crucial, as it can help prevent falls. The most recommended spot for your dog’s bed is on the ground floor, where you and your family spend time in the living room, kitchen, or family room. This way, your dog can hang out with you and enjoy quality playtime with his pet parents.

On the other hand, if you want to place the bed somewhere in another area, such as in a basement or upstairs bedroom, this might not be right because your pet may find it challenging to climb up and down from these locations, which could lead to falling off incidents. Instead, the best location to place your elevated dog bed is on a low spot in your yard so that your pet can easily get on and off without any trouble. In addition, you will also want to ensure that the bed is not too close to any bushes or trees so that your dog will not be disturbed by insects or other animals.

If this is the case, you should think about adding comfortable steps or a ramp; otherwise, you’ll need to make regular visits to their sleeping location.

Step 4 : Get a Low Bed or a Platform Bed

If your dog is having difficulties climbing up and down from a standard height bed, you should think about getting a low bed for him.

This can be very effective because it allows your pet to quickly climb into the bed without any assistance from you, which makes entry much more accessible. The best part about this type of bed is that it comes with enough support, making it durable and perfect for dogs weighing over 50 pounds.

Another option to go with is buying a platform-style dog bed instead of the standard version because these beds are made using less material, thus making them more lightweight compared to other types of pet beds (especially memory foam or waterbeds). But, again, keeping the weight factor in mind will help prevent your pet from falling off the bed.

Step 5 : Pick a Bed With Waterproof Fabric Covering

Preventing Dog From Having Skin Allergies

If you have a pet that tends to urinate on its bed, you should pick one with a waterproof fabric covering because it is much easier to clean when compared to other types of coverings. This will also prevent your dog from having skin allergies or licking its paws.

Most beds are machine washable these days, making cleaning them much easier and faster than doing it manually. This bed type will provide maximum protection for your pets against any leakage accidents.

Step 6 : Never Allow Your Pets on the Bed Unsupervised

Pets are very loving creatures, but they don’t understand the dangers of falling off the bed. They are naturally curious animals which makes it very important for pet parents to keep an eye on their activities when playing around the bedroom.

This will ensure your dog is safe at all times without falling off or getting injured in any way. This is ac crucial step in how to prevent dog from falling off bed.

Step 7 : Keep Bedding Material Clean and Neat

If you want to ensure that your pets do not fall off, it’s essential always to maintain cleanliness around the sleeping area.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a low-profile bed with sturdy side rails along with a waterproof cover; even if these features are present, there is no guarantee that accidents won’t happen when your attention is not on it.

Keeping Bed Material Clean and Neat

Likewise, keeping the mattress surface clean ensures no accidents that will lead to a mess.

Step 8 : Use a Dog Bed Rail Guard

For pet owners who are unsure if their adult dogs can jump on and off the bed repeatedly without falling, investing in a dog bed rail guard is highly recommended.

You can easily find these products online or at your local pet store, and they consist of foam pieces that you attach around the bed’s perimeter, so it creates an extra layer of grip for your pets while climbing up and down from their sleeping area.

In addition, these foam pieces stick out slightly, providing some tactile resistance to prevent accidents when attempting to walk along the side rails of the bed. This type of add-on is also helpful for senior citizens with pets since it prevents them from falling off the bed while sleeping or lying on it.

Step 9 : Go To the Vet

If your dog tends to fall off the bed regularly, then you should take him to his veterinarian so they can have a look at his health situation. Many factors can cause accidents in dogs, and one of these factors is being in an ill state.

If your pet does not feel well, then there is no way he will be able to get back onto the bed without falling off until you assist. These steps will help in how to prevent dog from falling off bed.

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Tips and Warnings


  • Keep your dog’s nails trimmed as this will prevent the bed from tearing and ripping.
  • Do not let your dog on the bed if you do not want them to be there; it is as simple as that.
  • Wrap a blanket around the base of your mattress to make it more difficult for your dog to get off the bed and catch its nails in between the bars of the headboard or footboard.
  • Catch them before they hit the floor every time they try to jump down if you do not want them on the bed. This may require some practice but is worth doing if you want them off. Use a towel or thicker blanket not to hurt themselves once they hit. It also works well with younger dogs that want to play on the bed.
  • Always make sure your dog has a comfortable resting place of its own and puppies their place (see How To Pick Tuff Bed For Puppies ).
  • Never let your dog sleep with you in your bed; it can be dangerous for them and you for various reasons.


  • Do not leave your dog unattended.
  • Do not allow your dog to share a bed with young children as there is always a danger of them being rolled upon or suffocated.
  • Sometimes, if you check around the house and the neighborhood, you will find that your dog has an easier time getting up on higher surfaces such as dressers, counters, and tables than they do climbing up onto the bed.
  • Be very careful when coming out of the shower and giving your dog a bath when they are in bed because you could cause them to panic, slip, slide and fall off the bed.
  • Do not try to catch or break your dog’s fall if they do happen to jump off the bed.


We hope this article on how to prevent dog from falling off bed was helpful. The best way to prevent your dog from falling off the bed is by using a pet ramp. There are many different types of ramps available, so make sure you pick one that suits your needs and home’s décor!

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