Why Does My Dog Sleep in Front of the Door


Why Does My Dog Sleep in Front of the Door

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Dogs usually sleep by the door. If you have got one, you might have also noticed their sleeping position. But why do they do this? Even if you bring one of the best dog beds for your dog, they may still prefer the mat in front of your dog. Well, that can be really annoying, isn’t it? Okay, instead of wondering, it is time to find out the exact reasons. Maybe that’s why you have searched for “Why does my dog sleep in front of the door?”

 Luckily, Google has brought you to the right place. This is because, in this article, we are going to discuss some possible reasons that trigger this type of behavior. So, forget what you have seen before, and let’s concentrate on some evidence-based reasons. Buckle up, and let’s dive in!

Why Does My Dog Sleep in Front of the Door

Why Does My Dog Sleep in Front of the Door

Their protectiveness is the most important thing to them, and it can make them want to sleep in front of your door. They care about their masters and will do anything to protect them.

If your dog is sleeping at the front door, it means he is trying to keep strangers from coming in. If someone comes to the door, he will start barking. This is a good thing because it means he is doing his job.

However, there are other reasons too. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

My Dog Sleep in Front of the Door

Things to Consider

The reasons are clear now. But how would you identify them? You need to look through these reasons.

When Did It Start?

If you have noticed this unusual behavior recently, then you have to consider the time when it actually started. Some possible times are:

  • If you changed your residence
  • If the schedule has changed
  • If you have changed your working hour and started it in a different time
  • If one of your family members have moved away

When It Does It

There are certain times when your dog will usually sleep by the door. If you have noticed that, then you need to find out what time he has picked for doing this.

If you notice that your dog sleeps more when you’re not at home, it could be a sign that he’s waiting for your return. On the other hand, if he sleeps during the daytime, it may mean he’s seeking more attention from you. You’ll need to figure out which is the case, and if it’s creating an obstacle, you’ll need to sort things out through proper training.

Train your dog not to wait or seek attention by sleeping by the door. As we have mentioned above, proper exercise, treats, and training will help you to understand.

1. It Is Waiting for You

Your dog may be anxious if he is waiting by the door when you’re not home. This is because he may be waiting for you to come back. You can tell if your dog is anxious by looking for special signs, like pacing or panting.

2. He Wants Some Exercise

You may notice that your dog is waiting in front of the door before his exercise period and returns back to his normal behavior after the exercise. If this happens, then it is a clear sign that your dog is willing to get some exercise. And that’s why he is waiting at the door. This happens more if you have got a dog breed that wants a lot of exercises daily. 2. If your dog is trying to pull his leash and taking you for a walk, then it is the sign that he needs to exercise more. It is the most common signs that show that your dog needs to get some exercise.

3. It Wants Extra Attention

This can be another reason that tends your dog to sleep by the door. This will especially happen when your dog prevents others from passing from the door at a certain period of the day.

This can be really a great issue. So, you need to train him up to sleep somewhere else. Even if he wants your attention, you should train him to choose some other places where he will get the required attention. Some exercise, training, treats can help you to get rid of this type of behavior.


Hopefully, the guide has helped you with adequate information, and you won’t have to search. Why does my dog sleep in front of the door again? If you need to ask anything, you can use the comment section below.

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