How to Prevent Dog Poop From Smelling


How to Prevent Dog Poop From Smelling

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The smell of dog poop can be overwhelming. But, there are some things you can do to help prevent it from smelling as bad. This article will go through how to prevent dog poop from smelling and make it easier for your neighbors not to notice!

How to Prevent Dog Poop From Smelling

The first thing is to make sure your pup always has plenty of water available in addition to the food that is high in fiber. Second, if you have a yard or garden, bury the excrement so that bacteria doesn’t get on top of the ground and create odor. We will discuss more of these below. So keep reading till the end!

10 Ways on How To Prevent Dog Poop From Smelling

Remember all these 10 ways to prevent dog poop from smelling if you want your neighbors not to notice!

1) Water

Make sure your pup has constant access to water. Even when it’s hot outside, always have fresh cool water available for your pet. Hydration is important not just for digestion but also for preventing any health issues later on in life.

2) Exercise

Exercising is important too and can be very beneficial to their overall health and particularly their digestive system. So always try to give your dog some exercise time every day, at least 30 minutes a day or so, depending on what kind of breed they are or size, etc.

3) The Food They Eat

Make sure that the food that you feed your dog is high in fiber. This will make it easier for them to pass the stool and prevent smell. Also, consider making your dog food by yourself instead of buying it at the supermarket, which can have many chemicals, etc.

Prevent Smell

4) Using Holes

The best way to go about this is using holes around the backyard or even burying it with compost. If you don’t have enough space, consider placing a litter tray if you are going away on vacation as they need constant access to water, and buried poop isn’t enough.

5) Bury It Underneath Vegetation

It would be best if you tried to bury any feces after your pets go so that bacteria never get on top of the ground, which causes the smell. Don’t put it in a plastic bag if you will bury it because bacteria can still get to the surface if left inside a bag. Also, make sure that when you bury poop, do not plant any vegetables or anything as it will attract flies and cause an unpleasant smell.

6) Digging Toilet

You might want to consider making your own dog toilet by digging (with some tool) a hole underneath vegetation where feces can be buried. You mustn’t have grass growing in this area or any greenery otherwise, and the flies will lay eggs in there and create an awful smell. If you have no other choice but to put your dog’s litter box inside your house, make sure that they are kept clean at all times.

7) Proper Disposal

Make sure you are disposing of the dog waste properly, wherever you live, whether it be in a park or even in your backyard. For example, leave out a plastic bag close to the hole where they urinate so that when they finish, throw the poop and pee into the bin at once! Consider buying biodegradable bags as well for this purpose.

8) Litter Boxes For Dogs

If you have no other option but to put your dog’s litter box inside your house, make sure that you clean it frequently, which will help reduce any smell and keep flies away from laying eggs, which creates an awful smell.

Litter Boxes for Dogs

9) Special Shampoo

You can consider getting special dog shampoo which is sold at pet supply stores. This will help reduce the smell and keep your pets clean!

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10) Consider Watching Your Dog When Letting Them Outside

Some dogs have certain habits that you may not like to consider when letting them outside, especially if they are in a neighborhood with close neighbors. If this is the case, make sure you go out with them so they don’t do their business near someone else’s house or even on your own property because flies can bring an awful smell from there too.

You don’t want to be caught doing something wrong such as allowing your dog to urinate on someone else’s property or, worse still, let them poop on someone else’s lawn. These things are bad enough, but you are sure to avoid any problems by avoiding them altogether.

ADVICE: Now that we have covered 10 ways to prevent dog poop from smelling, it is important to mention that dogs can sometimes get diarrhea and be dehydrated. The simplest solution is to always have a water bottle with you when outside taking care of your dog.

You never know when the need may arise. Another alternative would be leaving their food/water bowl out for longer periods of time (for example, in the morning) to eat on their own time and not have to eat as soon as they wake up.

Digging Toilet

Things To Consider When It Comes To Taking Care of a Dog

If you are taking care of a dog, you must take care of them properly, which sometimes means walking outside in the morning or evening before it gets too hot. Make sure you get a dog leash and let them drink from the water bowl provided, or even bring their own water bottle with you. Of course, you can always use an umbrella to shade your dog during these times as well!

Some Tips and Tricks

While there are many ways that you could try to take care of your dog, if you follow these simple tips, it will be a lot easier.

Tip 1: If your dog isn’t potty trained yet, then make sure that you supervise them properly outside so that they don’t do anything wrong on your property or even on someone else’s property!

Tip 2: If you need help with keeping dogs clean and smell good, there are many dog supply stores that you can go to or even read online tutorials on how to keep them clean and happy!

Tip 3: If you have a female dog, make sure that she is spayed when it is time for her to have puppies; otherwise, your house will become filthy with puppy pee and poop everywhere.

Tip 4: If you are going away for a vacation, it is always best to take your dog with you because leaving her at home will only cause trouble. Dogs are very good at making messes and sometimes even destroy your own property while you are away.

Tip 5: If you don’t have any other choice but to leave your dog in someone else’s care, then make sure they are reliable and trustworthy.  

Note: You should also consider reading up on how to raise puppies if you have never raised them before.


The only way to prevent dog poop from smelling is by cleaning it up quickly and properly. However, if you want to enjoy the great outdoors with your pup, a few simple steps can help keep their poop from smelling if you’re not sure how to follow the guidelines mentioned on how to prevent dog poop from smelling blog!

You may be able to save yourself some headaches and embarrassment down the road by taking these easy tips into account before heading out on an adventure. We hope that you found this article on how to prevent dog poop from smelling useful. For it to be so, we recommend that you think about these things before taking your dog outside or even after bringing them back inside.