How to Cut Shih Tzu Hair at Home With Scissors


How to Cut Shih Tzu Hair at Home With Scissors

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Timely grooming is important for your Shih Tzu, as it helps keep him healthy and happy. Apart from providing a healthier skin and coat, regular grooming also takes care of matting which may develop over time, thus helping to avoid infections. Furthermore, if you opt for correct trimming, you will be able to prevent hair damages and escape from bad diseases such as hot spots commonly seen in dogs with bushy coats. For this reason, I will discuss an easy process on how to cut Shih Tzu hair at home with scissors. So let us get into the discussion.

How to Cut Shih Tzu Hair at Home With Scissors

Hair Grooming Kit For Cutting Shih Tzu Hair ai Home

Before you start cutting your Shih Tzu’s hair at home, there are some things that you need to prepare. These things will help you in cutting short hair on your Shih Tzu easily.

A pair of very sharp scissors; A comb or a brush with metal teeth for de-matting and brushing; a Styptic pen, this is a kind of medicine that helps close the open wounds when they occur during hair grooming. You can use frozen tea bags or icy cold water; a warm wet towel. It should be damp but not too wet to cause your dog to shake itself dry afterward; Towel: Dry cloth towel or hand towels to keep yourself clean while working with the dog.

How to Cut Shih Tzu Hair at Home With Scissors

Make sure that your dog is clean and dry before starting the grooming. Use warm water to wipe it down if required. You might want to use slightly soapy water for cleaning your hair. This will help remove loose dirt from its coat and keep it smelling fresh during the grooming session. If you find any oily spots or excessive dandruff, then you can rub some shampoo on those parts and bathe him if necessary after finishing with all the other activities which are mentioned in this article.

Start by brushing the coat of your dog. This will help you to determine whether your Shih Tzu has any mats in his hair or not. If there are no tangles, then proceed to step 2.Start by Brushing the Coat of Your Dog

Pick up a pair of sharp shears that are made for pet grooming. The size of the scissors should be smaller than the length of your dog’s body from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail since you want to cut just above where the fur ends and not actually shave it off!

Cut against your dog’s layering pattern: Shih Tzus have one layer with an undercoat underneath, and this is where most matting occurs. Therefore, manipulating the layering to see the undercoat can help you determine the right length for you and your dog.

Cut the neck and around the paws: This will leave the most important area of your Shih Tzu’s body untouched, which is his face and paws since they are very delicate areas to trim.

Trim under the belly:

You want to do this by lifting your furry friend every few strands, so he doesn’t feel scared or as though he is not being treated like royalty!  This way, when you stroke him on his stomach after this grooming session, he should be more receptive to it since he feels pampered and knows you love him!

Trim his hindquarters:

Your pet may need some help getting into this position, and you can be the one to encourage him by gently lifting his leg.  You should also be careful not to cut your dog’s tail off, as some have done in the past!

See how much fur you have leftover:

You want to make sure that the length is similar from head to toe. Otherwise, your Shih Tzu may end up with long hair on some areas like his legs or tail while his chest and stomach are relatively short.

Thank and reward your pet for being so cooperative during this time of grooming, and don’t forget to take a photo before sending it out online, so others know what they are in for when trimming their Shih Tzus’ hair for the first time!

Things to Consider While Cutting Shih Tzu Hair at Home

The process of cutting Shih Tzu hair may seem easy, but you need to be very careful and aware of the steps involved. You can buy scissors from a local store or order them online.

For safety sake, put an eye mask on your pet and also wear latex gloves. Do not forget to cover the floor with some towels to keep all the loose hair in place. Also, make sure that you clean up after every step because if you leave any traces of hair remains on the floor, your vacuum cleaner will suck them all at once, which will get clogged. This will void the warranty of your vacuum cleaner, and you may need to buy a new one.

The Process of Cutting Shih Tzu Hair

Remember that Shih Tzu hair is short. So, it will be quite easy for you to cut compared to other breeds. However, make sure not to make any sharp movements while cutting because doing so can injure them severely. First, practice by trying on yourself with a shaver or clipper to get an accurate haircut on your pet.

As a parent, you should always remember that it is unnecessary for kids under six years of age to go near pets as they lack coordination and confidence and are likely to hurt their pets accidentally. If you have younger kids at home, then prepare a small shampoo bottle filled with water so that if ever the small kid spills water on the pet, it is easy for him to make the water flow down towards his hair.


Haircuts are necessary for pets because it keeps them cool and comfortable. In addition, it makes them look more presentable. If you have just brought a Shih Tzu from a breeder, do not get nervous if it gets hair cuts as soon as you bring him home. I hope that the process mentioned here will help you learn about how to cut Shih Tzu hair at home with scissors. Thank you and have a nice day!

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