Why Does My Dog Jump on Me When I Get Home


Why Does My Dog Jump on Me When I Get Home

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Dogs are our best companions. They are more loyal than any other animals. Well, that’s the reason when you leave them home, they become sad, and when you return, they become more joyous. Most of the time, they jump at you when you as soon return. We know this is a symbol of love towards you but why dogs actually have this type of behavior. Being curious, you might have typed, “Why does my dog jump on me when I get home?” and that has brought you here, isn’t it?

Why Does My Dog Jump on Me When I Get Home

Okay, you have come to the right place. This is because, in this guide, we are going to lead you through the exact reasons which tend them to do this. So, buckle up, leave all your works and concentrate on the article below. 

Why Does My Dog Jump on Me When I Get Home?

There are several reasons for which dogs jump on you. But stay relaxed because all of them are positive. You won’t have to worry about anything. It is actually a natural and instinctive behavior. With this, they express the excitement of your being home, the screen of your whereabouts. As soon as they hear the sounds of your keys and the knobs that turn, their tail starts to wag. The last hours when the dog was left home was not pleasing for your dog. But as you are now home, he is feeling safe and comfortable.

When two dogs meet for the first time, you may have noticed that they sniff each other’s butts. This is their way of greeting each other. In addition to sniffing, they may also lick each other’s face. This behavior is actually learned from their mothers. When you reach home, your dog may want to lick your face as well. Dogs see you as one of their pack members and may even jump on you in excitement.

However, this jumping part is undoubtedly a symbol of love towards you. He just wants to greet you as you enter the home. While you were out, you might have been with your friends, eaten many foods, roaming out, and your dog was dying to know where you have all day long.

See, your dog might have been sitting patiently all day waiting for your arrival. If he does so, then this is his time to jump on you and welcome you to the party. Maybe he wants some playtime, walks, kibble, belly rubs, or something special from you. What could be more exciting than this and increase the love of your bond? If you can manage some time, play with your dog a little more.

By the way, this type of behavior is good. And who doesn’t want to be greeted? So, try to encourage your dog. But sometimes this can be painful when you have got a large size dog, so if you feel this pain try to demotivate your dog from jumping at you.

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