My Dog Won’t Sleep in His Bed Anymore


My Dog Won't Sleep in His Bed Anymore

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Dogs are our best companions. Their funny and playful acts give us the utmost joy. But some of their unknown activities make us worry too. One of them is when your dog avoids their own bed. If you don’t know the reasons, you will desperately search for the reasons and ask the experts why my dog won’t sleep in his bed anymore!

My Dog Won't Sleep in His Bed Anymore

We can understand how much you love your dog. But instead of being desperate, I will suggest you sit on your couch and think about what could be the reason. And if you have got a couple of minutes to invest, you can read through this article. It’s because I am here to discuss some exact reasons for which your dog will start avoiding their own bed. So, without spending your time anymore, let’s dive in!

My Dog Won’t Sleep in His Bed Anymore.

You might have brought a wonderful bed for your dog, spending a good amount of money. Obviously, you have done a lot of research before making the final selection. But have you ever wondered what has made it unusable, why your dog has rejected your well-researched purchase?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get into a dog’s head. But after researching some common breeds, I have selected the five most common reasons that will make your dog reject the comfiest bed.

There are various reasons why dogs avoid their beds, but I have gathered five common reasons that may surprise you. There is nothing to worry about, as this is usually due to the dog fulfilling some of its basic needs. Only in rare cases does it indicate that your dog is sick, so you can relax. Now that we have talked about it, let’s take a look at the reasons.

1. It’s Too Cold or Hotto Follow

If your dog is avoiding their bed, one of the reasons could be the weather. It’s too hot for them to stay under the blanket, so they choose the bare floors instead.

When the temperature rises at night, your dog will start looking for a cool spot to relax. The floor is an ideal place for your dog to stay cool and get relief from the heat.

On the contrary, your dog may find sleeping on the floor more comfortable when it’s cold out. How could that be? Maybe the cold floor feels good to their sore muscles or joints. Or maybe they just like the feeling of being closer to the ground. Whatever the reason, it’s not impossible to imagine why your dog would choose the floor over their bed when it’s cold out.

On the contrary, your dog may also find sleeping on the floor more comfortable when it’s cold out. How could that be? Is it already cold out there? Aren’t you wondering about these things? It may sound impossible but let’s make things clear for you.

Your dog can also prefer sleeping next to a proper heat source. In this case, fireplaces or heaters will be the best place where your dog can stay warm. If you want to avoid these situations, you should buy an elevated dog bed. These types of beds are specially designed so that it can prevent the heat during and keep your dog cool during the summer, or you can move the bed closer to a heat source to keep your dog warm during the coldest hours.

2. Lack of Comfiness

Dogs usually stop using their beds for one main reason: they simply have their own preferences and can be quite picky. Just like humans, some dogs prefer hard mattresses while others can’t even sleep on them. If the mattress isn’t soft and fluffy, they likely won’t be able to get comfortable enough to fall asleep.

If you can make your selection, why can’t the dogs? This is the fact that differentiates one dog from another. Your dog may not like to sleep on the bed as he feels that the bed isn’t comfortable for him. You might have brought one of the best bed for your dog but doesn’t like what lies in it. The next one is the size. The bed has to be of the right size. You can’t take any random size bed for your dog and expect him to sleep on it. If you choose a big bed, he will look like a small kid in it and if you choose a small bed, he won’t fit.

There are several reasons behind this. I have explained a bit above, but the scratchy materials, the paddings, or something else that’s poking your dog and making him uncomfortable to stay on the bed.

If you have planned to return your newly brought bed, for this reason, that won’t help you a bit. You can try to add a soft dog-friendly blanket on the top so that your dog can avoid this poky situation and stay comfortable.

3. The Sizing

Maybe you are the one who thinks that the size of a dog bed isn’t actually a matter. Don’t feel smart for that because if your dog is sleeping on the floor, it means your newly brought dog bed is either too small or too big.

The large beds make the small dogs feel insecure. This also makes them feel that they are somehow exposed to several potential threats that may attack them when they are lying down. In fact, large beds can chill them out in the coldest hours because they are too exposed to cover them up.

On the other hand, when you have brought a small bed for your four-legged feline, they will be too small for them to stretch their leg properly. Instead of that, your dog will definitely prefer to roam freely on the floor.

4. When Your Dog is Used to the Floor

The above reasons will be in vain if your dog is literally used to the floors. If they have created a habit of sleeping on the floor, none can bring them in a bed. Even if you have brought the comfiest bed from the market, it won’t be helpful at all. In this case, you have to teach your dog to sleep in his bed. Command them properly and let them practice it routine-wise.

5. I Am in Pain

If your dog has recently stopped using his bed, it can be a sign that the placement of the bed has not been done in the accurate place. And your dog is facing too many obstacles while jumping. In fact, fully grown dogs can face several types of joint pains, which will prevent them from jumping on their bed. In order to avoid pain, they will stop using the bed. If you have found this type of behavior in your dog, you should place the bed in some places from where your dog can easily reach their bed.

Final Thoughts

Why My Dog Won’t Sleep in His Bed Anymore? Have you got your answer? Hopefully, you have, but if you are still worried about your dog’s behavior, then I suggest visiting a vet. They are experts, and they will find out the exact reasons.

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