Why Do Dogs Rub Their Face on Things


why do dogs rub their face on things

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Dogs on walls, chairs, the surface, and other items are also seen scratching their heads. This activity is not always essential and can be as plain as an irritated face, but there are explanations that a dog lover may have to handle.

why do dogs rub their face on things

Why It is That Animals Scratch Their Faces?

When a pet is constantly scratching its face, it might have an issue. Though it might not be important, if scratching is irregular, it could be a sign of discomfort, like muddy or dusty hair, a loose tooth or ear infection, flea or allergy annoyance, or simply because it feels good.

Allergic Reactions

Pets can sometimes have reactions that make them itchy and scratch their noses. Inflammation of the skin can cause swelling, which leads to scratching. Allergic reactions can be caused by the diet or medication consumed by a puppy, or by domestic and atmospheric irritants, like dust mites, particular trees, shrubs, or pollen. They could be seasonal or only continuous. A pet who is irritated from discomfort would often definitely be scratching its face.

Parasites and Other Skin Problems

Insects, lice, and bugs can all be parasites. They can cause health problems and discomfort for your pet by digging into their skin or building nests. Even a puppy can be affected, as these insects can cause itching in the areas they bite. To stop dealing with these pests, daily parasite preventive measures treatments must be used.

Annoyance of Collar

If your pet is scratching its neck or face on the floor, chairs, or walls, it may be because its harness or collar is too rigid. Be sure to test the fit of the harness or collar, and make sure it’s not too tight or pulling against the dog’s neck. If your pet has gained weight or is getting older, its old harness or collar may not fit properly anymore and will need to be replaced. You should be able to slide two fingers beneath the neck of your pet easily.

On its Face, Something

Pets can clean their faces by scrubbing them on anything, whether it’s after a meal, a run in the backyard, or a bath or swim. There’s no need to worry if a pet is scratching its face, but it might need help to wash its face clean.

Dentistry Suffering

In an attempt to relieve the discomfort, a low gum and another oral ache might lead a pet to scratch its face on something. Dogs with dental pain can consume little, feed wet food instead, or bite with one corner of the mouth. Some symptoms that could go alongside a pet’s face scratching that requires a tooth removed are foul breathing, bleeding saliva, and excessive chewing of the mouth. Some other common causes of face scratching include allergies, foreign bodies like a foxtail in the dog’s nose, and skin infections. If your pet is allergic to pollen or dust, you may notice him licking his paw frequently as well. A skin infection can cause your dog to have red, itchy patches on the skin, and sometimes hair loss. The infection will likely need treatment with antibiotics.

Any rotten teeth may start falling out within their own, but meanwhile, this could require many months, and the pet is in significant discomfort. The weak and damaged tooth could also lead to infection, which can impact immune function if it is not treated. A vet must remove the infected tooth so that veterinary treatment is required if that’s why a dog is scratching its face.

Cerebral Tumor

Fortunately, brain tumors aren’t as widespread as an excuse for a pet to place their face on anything, but it is an alternative. Brain tumors will put pressure on the nerve and be unpleasant or painful. Dogs with neurological disorders are also seen pushing their heads against the wall or scratching their heads for this pain. Seizures and behavior modification can also cause this. When it is detected in a puppy, a doctor must assess it.

Itchiness of the Eye

Often objects become trapped in the eye of a pet, annoy it, or can create a scrape or ulcer on the cornea. Each of these issues will lead a pet to scratch her face and eyes on chairs and rugs. As well, a pet with eye pain may rub their eye sometimes or keep it closed. When an eye condition is detected, veterinarian treatment must be given to mitigate the problem and protect the eye from having more complications.

Anything that Tastes Nice

Dogs have a rather acute feeling of scent, so they can only scratch their whole face on that if they appreciate how something tastes, and they love it so much. The object might not feel friendly to all of us, but it might be perfect for a puppy. A dead animal left out in the backyard is one classic case of a thing.

The Area of Marking

By pooing, peeing, or merely scratching their body or face upon this, dogs may put their odor on an object to identify their territory. On the couch, rug, or other things the pet is scratching on, this activity leaves unseen secretions behind while indicating that anything refers to them. This could be a natural event because although people could not smell pheromones, most dogs could.

It Looks Fantastic

When it happens to various colors and materials, pets are much like humans and occasionally scratching their heads on people generally feels fantastic if a homeowner has pointed out explanations that a pet may rub the face on stuff, so that might be why the activity persists.

To Satisfy You

Although dogs, as you realize it, do not have a sense of adorableness, they are highly sensitive and can inform you whenever their action feels right to you. Since pets are so happy to impress, they’re apt to repeat anything which amuses you what they learn. In many other terms, they can make you comfortable while the pet hides their face.


Your pet loves rubbing his face on the rug occasionally. It’s wouldn’t necessarily be a purpose why the furniture is scratching the dog’s face. Often pets think it’s a nice feeling to rub their faces on the ground, and they’re just going to do that because it sounds interesting.

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