How to Fix Dog Scratches on Car Door


how to fix dog scratches on car door

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If you’re a dog lover, then you know that sometimes your furry friend will scratch or claw at the car door. Unfortunately, this can lead to unsightly scratches on your car’s paint job. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to fix this damage and help your car look as good as new. In this article, we’ll discuss some steps on how to fix dog scratches on car door. We’ll also provide tips for preventing future damage. So, read on to learn more!

how to fix dog scratches on car door

Dogs are great companions. They offer companionship and unconditional love. However, your pet’s claws can do damage to your vehicle, especially when they’re trying to get into the car. Dogs’ nails may scratch or claw at the surface of the door as they try to gain access, resulting in unsightly scratches that can devalue your vehicle.

A Detailed Guide on How to Fix Dog Scratches on Car Door

Step 1: Identify Scratches

To fix scratches on your car door, first you need to identify their location. It is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is open the car door and stand outside of it so you can see the inside. Then take a marker and color over the scratch until it disappears from view through the window.

Mark the location of the scratch on your car door with an X. Once you have repaired that area, close the door and mark another scratched area without coloring over it, so you can still see it once the door is closed. Once all of your marked, scratched areas are identified, move on to step 2 to prepare the car for repairs.

Step 2: Prepare Your Car and Materials

When preparing your car, make sure that it is cool to the touch or damage the paint. Then go ahead and open up all of its doors so that you can see all of your marked, scratched areas clearly without obstruction. Also, make sure to get a few materials such as sandpaper (P120 and P180), an electric sander, cleaner wax, cleaner spray, masking tape, and some paper towels before moving on to step 3, which is to fix scratches on your car door.

Step 3: Sanding And Cleaning 

When starting to fix scratches on your car door, the first thing you should do is sand down the scratched area with P120. Then, mix a small amount of cleaner wax and water in a spray bottle. After that, cover up any adjacent scratched areas with masking tape so that you don’t accidentally sand them as well.

Use a Cleaner Spray

Once done with preparing the solution, use the electric sander (make sure to wear safety goggles) to spot sand over the marked area, which contains what was once a scratch but now is paint because it has been sanded away. Do this until only an outline is left of what used to be a scratch before using paper towels dipped in your cleaner mixture to wipe off any leftover dust and grime. This is a crucial step in how to fix dog scratches on car door.

Step 4: Cleaner Wax and Compounding 

The next step in fixing car door scratches is to apply cleaner wax with a paper towel. Then, use an electric sander again, but this time turn it up to P180. Sand over the area once more before applying another layer of cleaner wax using a clean part of the same paper towel.

After that, go ahead and wipe off any excess cleaner wax with a clean paper towel dipped in water, after which you will need to use polishing compound on your car door by hand (please wear safety goggles) because our car uses clear coat paint, which means that dark polishing compound will leave ugly marks or swirls if used on it. So instead, start buffing out all scratches by hand using the polishing compound until it becomes shiny.

Step 5: Waxing and Sealing The Car Door With Clear Coat Paint

After applying clear coat paint, you should wait at least one day before waxing your car door. Once you have waited long enough, go ahead and apply a layer of wax using a clean paper towel to the entire car door, which will make your scratches disappear and make them much less visible in the process.

Then let it dry before moving on to step 6, which is to protect your newly fixed car door from future damage that can cause more scratches when removing snow from its surface or any time that someone has been careless when opening or closing your car door. Step 6 – Protect Your New Finish

Use a Clear Coat Paint

Step 6: Protect Your Car Door from Future Scratches

To protect your car door from future scratches, you can either apply a thin sheet of clear plastic over its surface or use masking tape (not the same kind used to cover up other scratched areas) because when removed without care, it can leave behind an ugly scratch. Furthermore, using newspapers when polishing in the winter will significantly reduce any possibility of scratching your car door during snow removal. These steps will help in how to fix dog scratches on car door.

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Tips and Warnings


* When repairing the door, make sure you cover any holes left by the removed paint and fill in any deep scratches.

* Coats of primer and paint should be added to the repaired area after sanding it down. You can use a spray can or get a small touch-up kit that allows you to re-paint problem areas quickly.

* If your dog’s claws are either too long or highly sharp, trim them back regularly, so they don’t do as much damage and interfere with your pet’s mobility. You will need clippers designed for this job, and it shouldn’t be an issue if done correctly.

* Make sure to keep up with the trimming if you find that they’re starting to grow out again; they’ll most likely cause more damage otherwise. It’s recommended to do it every few weeks, depending on how fast they grow.


* It’s not recommended to try and fix these scratches by rubbing the car down with a banana. This will cause more harm than good, and your vehicle will be permanently damaged if done incorrectly or too frequently.

* Avoid doing this on a hot day, as the paint may dry at different rates causing cracking and other issues. Also, avoid getting it wet for several hours after you re-paint it so that the color has time to set it into place properly.

* Avoid sanding off the paint down to the bare metal; use this process as a last resort and try it on a small area first if possible. Removal of color is irreversible and will cause your car to rust if done too often.

Use a Wax

* Avoid sanding the car at all if possible. It will create a large amount of dust and make a huge mess, possibly causing you to cough or sneeze as it enters your lungs.

What Is the Best Way to Fix Dog Scratches on Car Door?

Dog scratching the car door is a common problem. It causes a big mess and a lot of damage. But, before calling a professional for help, there are some things you can try before going through all that trouble. For example, use the following tips to fix dog scratches on the car doors.

You will need sandpaper to remove minor scratches on the car’s exterior paint. Just rub the sandpaper in a gentle circular motion over the area until there are no more signs of scratching. Follow this up with polishing compound and clean water before drying the site again.

If this doesn’t work, then you may want to try touching up, which most professionals recommend anyway after having Do-It-Yourself repairs done by your customers who can no longer drive their cars because they’ll run into problems later down the road with rusting.

Another tip is to use a nail polisher to get rid of scratches on the car. This works especially for minor damages that are not visible on the car’s paintwork. Just put a drop of this stuff in some water and mix it up before applying the solution directly over the scratched area. Then wipe off with a clean cotton cloth after drying.

If you want something more permanent, try waxing your car often to keep dog scratches on the car door at bay for as long as possible. However, sometimes there are just too many scratches on your vehicle that you have no choice but to call in professional help from an expert who knows how to deal with such problems depending upon where they’re located if they’re just superficial or already deep into the exterior paint.

Scratches on the  Car's Exterior Paint


We hope you have learned how to fix dog scratches on car door. A new dog, or an old one that’s never been taught not to scratch, can be a pain. Here are some ways you can fix those pesky little paw prints! First, make sure your pet is well-groomed and trim his nails regularly. This will help prevent the problem before it starts.

If this doesn’t work for you, try Dog Scratch Repair Kit by K9 Advantix II Orange Citrus Scented Foam. It contains natural orange oil which helps keep dogs from wanting to re-scratch their paws against surfaces they’ve already marked as theirs.