What Happens If You Cut a Dog’s Whiskers


What Happens If You Cut a Dog's Whiskers

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Like other animals, Dogs have sensory receptors named whiskers. It is one of the essential sensory receptors that the dog used for many purposes. We will give our best opinions on what happens if you cut a dog’s whiskers.

What Happens If You Cut a Dog's Whiskers

What Dog’s Whiskers Do

Dogs have special whiskers on their face that help them sense things around them. The whiskers send information to the dog’s brain about the shape and size of objects, and how fast they are moving. This helps the dog avoid bumping into things and helps them walk smoothly.

The dog’s whiskers help it a lot at night to know its passage. They can also determine the condition of the environment and air pressure. For hunting purposes, the dog’s whiskers play a vital role in giving them strong senses of the movement, shape, and size of their prey and making them so difficult to escape. That’s why the dogs are called the excellent hunter.

Issues of Cutting a Dog’s Whiskers

  • Firstly, the dog will lose its balance and may not respond appropriately. You may also find that when danger is nearby, the dog does not show any response and may cause an accident.
  • At night, if the dog wants to come to you, it will feel trouble in walking and hit any edges on its passage.
  • You may find that your dog is walking in circles instead of straight for the loss of its balance to the environment.
  • Your dog may stop moving around as it lost confidence in itself, not having the required senses for movement.
  • The whiskers around the eye of the dog help to sense the danger around it. If there are no whiskers, it may miss blinking to avoid damage to its sight and cause an accident.
  • You may also observe your dog’s unusual body language, like while happy; it may not show the signs that you were used to understanding your dog is comfortable.
  • Suppose you use your dog for hunting purposes. In that case, we will highly recommend not to cut the dog’s whiskers as it will significantly decrease its hunting senses and may not respond appropriately to its prey.
Dog Whisker

Final Thoughts

As the whiskers of a dog are not in the right orientation, and you may sometimes feel like a needle when your pet dog puts its head on your hand, you may cut the whiskers of your pet dog. If your pet dog does not rely on its whiskers, you observed that after cutting the whiskers, it remains the same then by consulting with a vet, you may cut the whiskers. Try using trim and never pluck the whiskers as the hair does not contain pain receptors, but the pain receptor is linked to its nerves at the bottom. So, your dog may react when you try to pluck. Some dogs are used for aesthetic purposes, and the vet recommends cutting the whiskers. If you are so annoyed with whiskers, You can collect one of those dogs as your pet.

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