How to Groom a Long Haired Dachshund


How to Groom a Long Haired Dachshund

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Everyone always loves a long-haired dachshund. They are very much lovely and bold. Besides, they can also be obstinate, but once you are well acquainted with it, they will always be beside you, and they will be your best friend. As a responsible dog owner, you must be well aware of all the long-haired dachshund aspects.

For all the breeds of a dog, having a well-groomed outlook is always required. And the grooming techniques are different, and it depends on the category of the dog. For this reason, you need to know all the procedures that will help you keep your dog in proper shape. Specifically, for a long-haired dachshund, you need to know some stipulated grooming techniques.

How to Groom a Long Haired Dachshund

During the summer season, the long-haired dachshund requires a haircut because their body’s dense hair creates a burden on them. This can eventually make them sick. So today, we are going to discuss a well-refined grooming technique for a long-haired dachshund. A chronological description of this process will help you keep your dog in healthy shape. The process is discussed below with an appropriate explanation.


Step One: The first step of every procedure is to gather all the necessary materials required to complete the task. For grooming your dog, you need some hair clips. This will keep the hair in a stable state while grooming. Then you will need a toothed comb and hairbrush. These are much needed for arranging the hair. Next, you will need some towels and a drop cloth. This drop cloth will gather all the shed hair that falls while brushing the hair. You will also need a pair of scissors, which are specifically manufactured for dog hair. And you will need a pet-friendly shampoo for washing.


Step Two: Now you have to place the dog on the countertop for the grooming table you want to groom. You must remove all the collars from your dog and then lay a piece of towel beneath the legs. This will allow you to clean the table quickly. Next, you have to use the clips that you have already gathered. These clips will help you spate the long hairs, and you can soon get a good look while grooming them. This will also help you brush each section correctly, and you can also get a good view of rashes and mats on the skin of your dog.


Step Three: Now you have to start brushing the hair. There are specific rules which will help you brush the hair properly. It will help if you begin brushing from your dog’s head and gently move towards the tail. And you have to brush on the direction in which the hair grows. It would help if you never brushed in the opposite direction. This is highly threatening for the skin of your dog. Then you have to brush the legs in the same manner, along the path of hair growth. For brushing the dog’s tail, you need to be very careful because hair along the bottom remains highly tangled.

Brush the Hair Properly

Step Four: Now you have to start trimming the hair. You shave, to begin with, the inner ear because it is the abode for bacteria. You need to use small clips and gently cut the hair. For the inner ear, you must cut them whenever they get bushy. Next, you have to go for the stomach of the dog. Trimming down the belly is also easy. You can use small clippers and brushes while cutting. Having a trimmed body will not accumulate debris, which is highly beneficial for your dog’s health. In this manner, you can trim the abdominal portion and the head region of your canine.

Step Five: Now you have to start cleaning your dog. For this, you have to start with the nose and ear of the dog. You have to use soft cotton pads for this process, and you should be thoroughgoing with these parts. Then you have to clean the body and brush it to let all the hair fall. Then you have to check the teeth of your dog. You can use a brush to prevent it. This will help you assess all the irritated gums and broken teeth. After this, you have to provide a mild bath to your dog, and you have to use warm water mixed with pet-friendly shampoo for this.

Mild Bath to Dog

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, we can have a clear idea of grooming long hair dachshund. We hope that the steps we have exhibited here have been beneficial for our readers. You can keep your dog in good health following these steps. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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