Long Haired Dachshund Summer Cut


Long Haired Dachshund Summer Cut

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Keeping Your Long Haired Dachshund Cool for the Summer

Summer is on the way, which means it’s time to think about giving your long haired Dachshund a summer cut! While their beautiful, flowing coats are one of the trademarks of the breed, all that hair can get hot and uncomfortable in the summer heat.

Trimming their fur not only keeps them cooler, but also makes grooming easier and can reduce shedding and tangles.

Read on to learn all about summer cuts for long haired Dachshunds!

Beat the Heat With a Dachshund Summer Cut

When temperatures start to rise, a long haired Doxie will appreciate having their coat trimmed up.

Here are some of the key reasons to give them a summer cut:

Keep Your Pup Cool as a Cucumber

One of the biggest benefits of a summer cut is that it will help prevent your Dachshund from overheating.

Their long, dense coats act as insulation, which is great in the winter, but can cause them to get hot and uncomfortable in the summer sun.

Trimming the length will allow for better airflow to their skin and make it easier for them to stay cool.

Reduce Pesky Tangles and Matting

Long haired Dachshunds are prone to getting mats and tangles, which only get worse in hot, humid weather. Their long fur easily knots up, which can be painful and irritating. Trimming their coat for summer will help prevent painful mats and make grooming much easier.

Spend Less Time Removing Shed Fur

Dachshunds shed year round, but they tend to shed even more in the warmer months.

All that excess shedding can stick to their long fur and create knots and clumps. A summer cut removes a lot of that dead fur before it has the chance to accumulate.

Bathing and Drying Breeze

Bathing and drying a long haired Doxie can take a lot of time and effort. With their fur trimmed up, baths can be quicker and the drying time will be reduced. This makes keeping them clean in the summer much more manageable.

Timing Your Dachshund’s Seasonal Summer Cut

Deciding when to transition your pup to their summer ‘do will help keep them comfy all season long. Here’s when to schedule a trim:

In the Spring and Summer Months

Plan to give your Dachshund their summer cut in early to mid spring, before temperatures really start to rise. This will help them stay cool as the weather warms up. Book another trim in mid summer to tidy up their coat and keep them comfortable.

When the Temperature Rises

Keep an eye on the weather, and when you notice temperatures starting to climb into the 70s and 80s, it’s time to trim down.

Use the warmer weather as your guide for when your pup needs their seasonal summer cut.

After Heavy Shedding

Dachshunds shed heavily during seasonal changes in the spring and fall.

Plan to give them a trim after this heavy shedding is over to remove all the excess dead fur and prevent matting as the weather warms up.

A post-shed trim sets them up for summer success.

The most important thing is making sure your long haired Dachshund doesn’t get too hot.

Schedule regular grooming appointments in the spring and summer months to keep their coat trimmed to an appropriate length for the season.

Your pup will feel so much cooler and comfortable with their summer ‘do!

Finding the Perfect Summer Cut Length

When trimming your long haired Dachshund for summer, you’ll want to find the perfect length that keeps them comfortable without going too short. Here are some tips:

Leave Some Length for Sun Protection

It’s important not to shave your Dachshund down to the skin, as this can leave them prone to sunburn. Their skin is very sensitive. Aim to leave at least 1/2 to 1 inch of their coat to protect their skin from the sun’s rays. The furnishings on their legs, belly and tail can be kept a bit longer as well for coverage.

Trim Around Eyes, Ears and Feet

Areas like the eyes, ears and feet are prone to collecting dirt, debris and moisture. Trimming the hair in these spots shorter will help keep them clean and dry. But be very careful around sensitive areas like their eyes and ears.

Blend Layers for a Natural Look

When trimming, aim for a rounded, blended look rather than chopping the hair bluntly all one length. Blend shorter layers around the legs, belly and head to the longer topcoat. A skilled groomer can sculpt the coat to look natural.

The right cut length will vary based on your climate and your Dachshund’s individual coat. Leaving some protective length while trimming areas prone to tangles will help keep your pup comfy and looking cute!

Professional Dachshund Summer Grooming Tips

While you can give your Dachshund a basic trim at home, taking them to a professional groomer is ideal to get the best summer cut. Here are some tips:

Use Proper Tools and Techniques

Professionals have high-quality tools and know the proper techniques for safely trimming Dachshund coats. Improper tools can leave choppy, blunt cuts. Professionals create smooth, blended finishes.

Manage Sensitive Areas

Groomers are trained to properly handle sensitive areas around the eyes, ears, paws, belly and rear. They avoid nicks and cuts while neatly trimming the trickier spots.

Add Styling and Finishing Touches

A professional groomer can style your pup’s new summer cut, scissoring and blending the coat into the perfect shape. They’ll also add any finishing touches like nail trims, teeth brushing and cologne.

Regular professional grooming appointments ensure your long haired Dachshund gets an optimal summer cut each season. Their expertise keeps your pup looking cute and comfortable.

Caring for Your Dachshund’s Coat Post-Grooming

Once your long haired Dachshund has their seasonal summer cut, you’ll need to take some steps to care for their trimmed-down coat. Here are some tips:

Prevent Sunburn on Exposed Skin

Your Dachshund’s skin may be more exposed after their summer cut. Use dog-safe sunscreen when they’ll be in the sun for long periods to prevent sunburn, especially on areas like the nose and belly. Check for any pinkness or irritation.

Brush and Condition the Coat Daily

Regular brushing with a slicker brush will keep your pup’s trimmed coat from matting as it starts to grow out. Use a moisturizing conditioner to keep their hair soft and manageable.

Monitor for Tangles and Matts

Even freshly groomed, Dachshunds are prone to tangles. Gently work apart any knots you find with your fingers or a detangling spray. Catching mats early prevents them from becoming unmanageable.

Bathe and Dry Thoroughly

With less coat, your Dachshund will need more frequent baths in the summer to stay clean. Make sure to thoroughly dry them after, including between their paw pads, to prevent hot spots.

Consider Supplements

Fish oil, vitamin E or collagen supplements support skin and coat health. Ask your vet if supplements could benefit your pup’s coat as it regrows out.

With diligent at-home care, you can keep your Dachshund’s summer cut looking great between professional grooming visits.

Letting Your Dachshund’s Coat Grow Out Again

After enjoying the ease of summer with a trimmed-down Dachshund, you may be wondering when you should let their long locks grow out again. Here are some tips:

As the Weather Cools Down

Plan to let your Doxie’s coat grow out again in the fall, once temperatures really start to drop. All that hair will help insulate them from the cold winter weather.

Before Heavy Shedding Season

Dachshunds shed heavily during seasonal changes. If you want to avoid dealing with all that shedding, let their coat grow out before fall shedding starts.

For Dog Shows and Events

If you plan to show or compete with your Dachshund, you’ll likely want their coat back to full length well in advance for optimal appearance.

Discuss a grow-out plan with your groomer so your pup’s coat transitions smoothly back to full length. With the right timing, you can avoid an excessive shed and keep them comfortable as the seasons change.

Give Your Long Haired Dachshund a Summer Makeover

After reading this, you can see why giving your long haired Dachshund a summer cut is so important for their comfort and care. While their luscious locks are part of the breed’s iconic look, all that hair can cause problems once the temperatures climb.

With a shorter, trimmed down coat, your Doxie will stay so much cooler, cleaner, and comfier in the summer heat.

Their skin and coat will be healthier too without all those mats and tangles. Just be sure not to shave them down completely, as they need some length for sun protection.

Work with a professional groomer to sculpt the perfect summer cut that leaves your Dachshund looking cute while keeping them comfortable.

Schedule regular trims and provide continued care as their coat grows out. With your TLC and a summer-ready look, your long haired pup will breeze right through the hot weather in style!

Summer Grooming FAQs

How short should I cut my Dachshund’s coat for summer?

Aim to leave at least 1/2 to 1 inch length to their coat for sun protection. Trim even shorter around paws, belly and rear for cleanliness. Blend lengths for a natural look.

When during the year should I give my Dachshund a summer cut?

Schedule summer cut groomings in early spring as temperatures warm up, then again in mid summer. Also trim after heavy shedding periods.

Should I shave my long haired Dachshund completely for summer?

No, never shave a Dachshund down to the skin as this leaves them prone to painful sunburns. Always leave some protective coat length.

How often does my Dachshund need grooming in the summer?

Plan for professional grooming every 4-6 weeks in summer. Supplement with at-home brushing and bathing between visits.

What if my Dachshund gets sunburned after their summer cut?

Use dog-safe sunscreen when they’ll be outdoors for extended time. Check for redness, pain or skin irritation. See the vet if sunburn is severe.

When should I let my Dachshund’s coat grow out again?

Let their coat grow out as temperatures cool in early fall to provide warmth. Time it before heavy shedding seasons.

Learn the best tips for giving your long haired Dachshund a summer cut to keep them comfortable and properly groomed during hot weather.

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