Why Do Dogs Eat Chicken Poop?


Why Do Dogs Eat Chicken Poop

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It is amazing to be a dog owner. On the other hand, it is also horrifying that dogs really like to eat chicken poops. It may sound irritating and disgusting, but it is in their natural instinct. These little poops can lick, eat, or even be swallowed down completely by the cats for their enjoyment.

Why Do Dogs Eat Chicken Poop

Well, it is obviously not the food they should eat, and like the normal poops, it also contains lots of harmful bacteria that can trigger certain health issues in your dog. Not all dog becomes sick to it since not all chicken poops carry bacteria. However, do you know why do dogs eat chicken poops? Let’s find that out!

Why Do Dogs Eat Chicken Poop?

Eating feces is the natural instinct of the dogs as they want to cover up their tracks. It makes them feel safe from predators. Small dogs are found to do this more as they are easy prey.

Dogs sometimes search for vitamin B1, potassium, and added protein, for which they may tend to lick the poops of chicken.

Some dogs may lick the chicken poops because of their anxiety and boredom.

Some puppies may get stressed and start doing things that they normally wouldn’t do, like making a mess. If this happens, you’ll need to work harder to get rid of this behavior.

Some dogs like to get their owner’s attention by both positive and negative means. In some cases, your dog may want to attract your attention. They will do whatever they find to be attractive to you at this stage.

These are the main reasons for which your dog may lick chicken poops. Don’t worry; there are tons of remedies, and you can easily get rid of this habit with them.

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