Why Do Cats Fall Over When You Dress Them


Why Do Cats Fall Over When You Dress Them

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Cat’s behavior is really confusing. They do many things that we usually don’t understand. However, you might have noticed that cats fall over when you dress them up but do you know what the reason behind this is? This is generally known as cat instability syndrome. But vets have a different opinion. According to them, there are other reasons that make them fall. Okay, things can be a bit confusing. So, without any delay, let’s find out why do cats fall over when you dress them up?

Why Do Cats Fall Over When You Dress Them

When you bring any new dress for your cat, especially at the time of Halloween, you might have noticed the freezing condition of your cat. This is kinda funny, and it may seem to be enjoyable too. But it can ruin the purpose of that dress-up. In fact, if the dress is for Halloween costume, then consider your Halloween it is surely going to be a great issue. However, the exact reason can vary based on the cat and its specific breed. Let’s explain them one by one.

Why Do Cats Fall Over When You Dress Them

As we have previously mentioned, this situation is commonly referred to as a cat’s instability syndrome. Cats usually feel constrained or threatened when they are dressed up, as they are not familiar with the clothes. This feeling of threat often leads to them falling down.

Most cats don’t enjoy dressing up and will try to get rid of the dress as soon as possible. Their initial reaction is often to freeze up. There are a few theories that try to explain this behavior. Let’s take a look at them.

Fight or Flight

We all know cats are not familiar with dresses. That’s why when you put any dress on them; they just don’t feel they be normal. Due to this, your furry friend would like to freeze as a symbol of his initial reaction. He knows that fighting or running won’t help. And that’s why he tends to express his reaction by freezing.

Movement Complication

The dresses create movement issues for the cats. They freeze at that time because they feel uncomfortable. Actually, they are okay with the fur coat. Wearing the dresses is like an alien idea to them, and that’s why they just want to show their unwillingness.

Sign of Protest

The response of every cat is different. Where some cats would bite or start scratching, some will run away. So, if your cat freezes soon after you put a dress on them, then it might be a sign of their protest. Instead of hurting you or running away, he chooses to freeze for expressing his protest mood.

Why the Cats Hate Clothes?

Well, now this an interesting question. No matter which cat you have and what type of dress you have bought, all cats hate the idea of getting dressed. But why do they do this? Why just don’t want to get dressed? Let’s find out! Most of the cats hate getting dressed because they do not like to be touched. Even if you are fond of your cat and you have been taking care of it for a long time, it does not mean that your cat will get used to your touch as well. It is actually very difficult to convince your cat to let you dress him/her up.

Why the Cats Hate Clothes?

1. Maybe He Is Scared

To be honest, this is probably the main reason they don’t like to wear dresses. The dresses you bought might look pleasant and appealing, but what may seem appealing to us can be scary for our pets. It might be the design, the extra appendages, or something like that, which makes your feline friend scared.

2. The Smell of the Cloth

Cats have a strong feeling of smell. They seek the smell to identify the familiarity of the item. That’s what tends them to lick. However, as you have brought a new dress, obviously the scent will be unfamiliar. And that’s why when you present a new dress to your cat; he will either act aggressively or get scared. On the other hand, the texture of some dresses is literally weird, and some even make an unusual sound. As a result, your cat will get scared, and they will freeze down.

3. Wrong Sizing

The poor fitting can be a reason for your cat’s disagreement. They are unnerved and want to avoid such things. When you bring any dresses that are too tight, it will be the reason for their uncomfortable feelings. Sometimes it can be painful for them too. The tighter parts of their costume will hurt them a lot.

4. Restriction in Their Communication

Cats love to communicate with many visual signs. But due to the costume and the costume size, it can be a great obstacle for them. When you dress them up, they will lose this ability. They won’t be able to express their body language properly, which may make them feel uneasy and scared at a certain period.

5. Vision Impairment

Cats are predator and lives with a strong predatory vision. But when you dress them up, they will start to feel restricted. The vision impairment won’t let them hunt, which can also tend them to panic.

6. Unwanted Stares

You will obviously bring something that will make your cat look unique and outstanding, right? People will find it more pleasing and adorable. But this will make your cat uncomfortable. The uniqueness of his look will provide him with some unwanted stares, and cats do not like that. Even though cats are fond of getting attention, they are not fond of getting unwanted attention. This makes them feel threatened. As they are predators, the unwanted stares lead them to threats. They feel it like an initial step of the attack.


Why do cats fall over when you dress them? Did you got the answer, or still confused? Hopefully, the article has cleared all your confusion. Look, the idea of dressing up your cat may be pleasing to you, but it won’t be pleasing for your cat. So, if it is not for any important occasion, you should avoid dressing your cat. If your cat is under any medical condition, then dressing them up may help them forget their wounds. Make sure to find out their behavioral change when you put any new dress on them.

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