How to Brush a Cat That Hates Being Brushed


How to Brush a Cat That Hates Being Brushed

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Any pets would gladly consider getting groomed and love it, too! Although, if you’re not fortunate, you might have a pet which completely refuses getting groomed and do whatever it takes to escape it.

Often, as you’d like to prepare them, this may also imply that they become violent, which causes an unusual position for all involved.

How to Brush a Cat That Hates Being Brushed

Most cats would gladly enjoy getting groomed, but what can you do if your animal is not in the mindset to be treated like royalty? Next, attempting to determine why your pet does not like to be dressed is a wise decision.

Often this could cause discomfort when a pet has matted hair. If that’s the situation, when attempting to initiate a grooming regimen at the house, the safest choice is to carry the pet to either a veterinarian or a trained hairdresser to provide them clear the unpleasant mats.

Sure, pets may not always enjoy being cleaned, and their aversion to brushing may sometimes come from a place of fear. However, this is still a good idea, as you can help the scared cat form a strong bond with pampering through a specific time, patience, and perhaps a little extra attention!

Why Your Cat Hates Grooming

Firstly, understanding why the pet is so against it and being groomed would be significant. Any of the aspects that doing so would impact involve:

  • Making afraid of the risk of becoming groomed
  • And had a low brushing experience years ago,
  • In particular, they are not liking getting managed.
  • Getting a matted fur, which results in discomfort if it is even lightly treated with a brush.


Ensure that You Get the Appropriate Tools

Several cats instantly love intense grooming; others will withstand only gentle fibers.

What you’d do if the pet with a brushing comb refused to send you back somewhere close to them? Here seem to be our essential tricks to convince them to accept becoming groomed at most.

There are just like most tools since there are varieties of cat fur, so you can try seeing what you & your cat prefer most to a couple of specific products.

Next, Cut Their Nails!

When you trim your animal’s nails, not only can you avoid some unintentional scratches, but it can also improve their attitude towards clawing. There are several types of nail cutters available, but most animal parents believe the scissor-type to be the simplest.

Starting Slowly

In my days as a groomer in both dogs and cats, there have been several animals I met who’ve been scared of every phase of the grooming method. The first approach I will always suggest is doing something as easy as adding the maintenance equipment in the clear as your animal could inspect them, test them, and check them through their tempo.

You will pass on to another stage after the product’s appearance is becoming commonplace. Maintain the comb and allow them to scratch it against fibers or smell them.

Creating a Constructive Grooming Connection

They have developed a bad relationship with brushing, regardless of the cause behind your cat’s avoidance of grooming, and it has caused them to be quite suspicious about any of it. It will go a big step to ignoring this and shifting their behavior about brushing in particular to create a far more social connection with the brushing comb.

If you cut your animal’s nails regularly, it will help them to have a better attitude and avoid accidentally scratching you. There are different types of nail cutters available, but most people believe that the scissor-type is the easiest to use.

During that stage, this is wise to guide them and step off because they are just conscious that this is an excellent opportunity and do not have to the stage they’d like to run.

Cats want to become in charge of any case in particular, which helps them feel like they seem to be the one maintaining themselves! Inspire a treat for some favorable activity in the grooming.

Do not force the issue. You will finally go to the next level- grooming with a few other good sniff and rubbing moves!

Final Thoughts

Note, cats enjoy the schedule, so whenever it’s in their regular regimen, the perfect time to try grooming will be. When you play, this will be fed, so the pet could be more sensitive if you clean after a snack.

It’s better to comb at a minimum once per week and more frequently if you may! With a specific time & the correct devices, it can just be the most exciting best moment for cats!

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