How to Brush a Cat That Doesn’t Want to Be Brushed


How to Brush a Cat That Doesn't Want to Be Brushed

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Cats have some weird habits that can baffle you easily. They will suddenly show love for something irrelevant and then start hating something enjoyable to them once. One of the problems many owners with cat faces is that they will suddenly see their pet cat hates it when they brush them. Grooming is essential for the cats to get the fur to smoothen and take out any debris that might be there due to playing outside. Usually, cats will love it when you groom, but there would be the time they might react opposite. That is when you need to know how to brush a cat that doesn’t want to be brushed.

Learn: How to Brush A Cat That Doesn’t Want to be Brushed

Find the Right Timing

Nothing can be worse than the wrong timing! The same goes for your cat when you are trying to groom them with a brush. That is why when you are trying to figure out how to brush a cat that doesn’t want to be brushed; you need to know that the right timing is everything. If your cat already dislikes brushing, do not try to brush them when they are playing or doing something that could disturb them. The best is to brush them when they are relaxing.

Brush for A Limited Time

If you keep brushing your cat for a long time or after they show any sign of irritation, they will never like it. That is why you need to lessen the time you brush your cat. If you see your cat show any sign of anger, stop touching them at that moment.

To brush your cat’s fur, first see how long you can brush them without irritating them. The next time you brush them, try to do it for a shorter amount of time. Keep doing this until your cat starts to think of brushing as a way of relaxing.

Use the Right Tool

There are different types of cat brushes that you can buy, and you need to find the one that your cat likes the best. If your cat starts to get irritated when you are brushing it, then you should stop using that brush. Once you find the right brush, your cat will love it.

You can purchase a few types and see which one gets the best reaction out of your cat. Once your cat shows a little irritation to a certain kind of brush, stop using it at that moment. Once you find the right tool, you will see that your cat will forever love it, and you will how to brush a cat that doesn’t want to be brushed.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to brush a cat that doesn’t want to be brushed. The right thing needs to have the right timing and the right tools to be accomplished. Once you get everything right, you will never have to worry about your cat’s grooming situation. Hopefully, our suggestions will work out for you, and your cat will be happy with their grooming sessions. 

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