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What Kind of Cat Is Snoopybabe

At present, there is a new kind of cat that is trending on the internet. His name is Snoopybabe, or you might have heard the name Snoopy (in short). This short hair cat is really adorable and can please everyone with its look. The amazing fact about this adorable cat is that it has over 200,000 followers on Instagram. And all these happened since its first debut in 2012.

According to Daily Mail, this adorable cat also has more than 275,000 followers on Weibo (a Chinese social Media Site). Now the question is, what kind of cat is Snoopybabe and what has made it so popular? Let’s find out!

What Kind of Cat Is Snoopybabe

The origin of this cat comes straight from the Sichuan Province. Snoopybabe is actually a crossbreed of American and Persian cats. The giant golden eyes of this cat are really amazing, and that is the main attractive thing about this cat. Aside from this, the cat has an elegant ringed tail and a soft white coat. This white coat is way softer than you can imagine.

Miss Ning, the owner of this two years old cat, has told social media that his pie-like face is the main attractive thing. In fact, it is the best feature of this cat too.

She has also said that the cat got this look from his parents. She is really fond of this cat and takes good care of him.

Aside from snoopybabe, there are many famous cats out there, namely Choupette Lagerfeld, Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, and more.

Choupette Lagerfeld

It is a Parisienne pussy owned by Kaiser Karl. This blue-eyed and long-haired cat has gained millions of followers on Instagram. She is so cute that her owner wishes to marry her if she were a human. However, you can check out her Instagram profile @choupettesdiary.

Grumpy Cat

This unimpressed pussycat is really unforgettable. She has abundant memes on social platforms, and many meme makers hail the unimpressed look of Grumpy cat. Her unique look and utterly grumpy face have made her many opportunities. She had a busy year for appearing on New York Magazine’s cover. That’s not all. Last month, she also hallowed US Vogue. Right now, she is considered one of the greatest time wasters in the present world. Check out her Instagram @realgrumpycat

Instagram @realgrumpycat

Colonel Meow

The apoplectic look of Colonel Meow is another trending cat on the internet. This furball will give you a daily dose with stinky eyes. Even if you are a pussy heater, this cat will make you fall in love with him.


So, what do you think? What kind of cat is snoopybaby? We have provided you with all the information about this adorable cat, and hopefully, these are going to help you understand its kind. If you want to get one of these unique breeds of cat, you should search online now.

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