How to Prevent Mother Dog From Crushing Puppies


How to Prevent Mother Dog From Crushing Puppies

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If you’re a dog owner, then you may have had an experience where your dog gets too excited when she sees her puppies and tries to crush them. Obviously, this isn’t the best way for things to go down. This blog post will walk you through how to prevent mother dogs from crushing puppies and what to do if it does happen. 

How to Prevent Mother Dog From Crushing Puppies

To keep your mother’s dog from crushing her new puppies, they must be separated while she is nursing or resting. This will ensure peace of mind for both momma and junior. So if you’re reading this, please remember these tips so your puppies can be safe and happy!

Reasons Why Mother Dog Harm Her Puppies

1. Accidental Harming :

The dog might be exhausted after a hard day of nursing, playing, and exercising.

2. Uncomfortable Position :

She may have been sleeping in an uncomfortable position that does not allow her to breathe properly.

3. Internal Injuries :

Perhaps she has some internal injuries as well as external ones due to the mishap at the start of your relationship with her and when your family brought home a new member (your puppy). you need to provide her with ample amount of rest so that she can get back on track and enjoy life with enthusiasm again.

4. Lack Of Nutrients :

You should make sure that you provide her with all the nutrients that she needs to feel stronger and stronger each day.

5. Being Hungry/Thirsty/Bored :

Being Hungry in Dogs

Depending on the circumstances, your dog may have been put in a situation where she feels starving, thirsty, or bored, so that she decides to neglect some of her activities (eating, drinking, or playing).

6. Stress :

The dog may have been subjected to a certain amount of stress that induces her to play rough with your puppy.

7. Unmatched Attention :

If you give more attention to the puppies than the dog, she might feel neglected and decide to take matters into her own paws.

Instructions: How to Prevent Mother Dog From Crushing Puppies

Instructions 1 : Separate Mother and Puppies

The most important step is to separate moms from the litter before they’re born. If you wait until the pups are already in your home, this will make the process more difficult since there’s no way to keep her away from where they are being kept.

Separate Dogs Mother and Puppies

However, by separating the mom and the potential puppies, it makes it much easier for both parties. 

Instructions 2 : Place Cardboard Underneath Puppy Bedding in Dog Crate 

If they’re going to be in a crate, try placing pieces of cardboard or something else hard that she can’t soften with her paws under where they’ll be sleeping to discourage any chewing by momma dog on them during nursing time. 

Instructions 3 : Isolate the Puppies 

When they’re out of the momma’s way, please place them in a separate room away from her so she can’t get to them. She’ll know that her babies are underneath the blankets/towels, and she may decide to tear up your home instead. Putting them somewhere else gives you peace of mind that they’re safe from harm. 

Instructions 4 : Monitor Mom for Early Behavior Signs 

If three days go by and all appears well with your new family members, it’s time to bring everyone together as a group! Be ready for any odd behavior, though.

For example, if the mother dog is crushing kittens or nursing improperly, this may be a signal that you need to separate her from them again before anything too odd or serious happens.

Instructions 5 : Create a Distractor

If your puppy is nursing late at night when you’re trying to sleep, try using a white noise generator to mask the sound of her munching while she nurses her litter. Human babies require much less sleep than puppies, so it won’t be as disrupting for them as long they rest in other places besides near momma dog and the pups!

Instructions 6 : Keep Mother Dog More in Human Contact

If the mother dog is crushing puppies because she feels like she’s not getting enough attention, spend time with mommy every day by talking with her, petting her, and spending time playing with older dogs in your house who have already been around children.

Keeping Mother Dog in Human Contact

Often, mom will grow to love her puppies if she can trust that you’ll continue to take care of them and do all you can to protect them as a family. 

Instructions 7 : Keep the Mother Dog With Her Babies at Night

If your puppy isn’t going crazy after nursing in their sleep, try leaving everyone together for the night, so she gets pregnant faster. Crushing may be a side effect of making sure there’s milk for junior!

Ensure that no one is sleeping on their back, though because the mother dog could end up hurting or squeezing some who are underneath her as she sleeps on her back. If someone falls asleep on their back, get them up as soon as you can and then place them on a harder surface like a couch to rest without getting hurt.

Instructions 8 : Give Plenty of Treats to the Mother Dog 

If your puppy is nursing too much, give mom more attention by constantly pampering her during this time period using some yummy treats! This allows her to know that she’s in charge while ensuring that she stays happy with junior.

To prevent mothers from crushing puppies, you mustn’t try to overfeed your dogs or let them become overweight since obesity problems can have adverse side effects for all parties involved. 

Instructions 9 : Try Slathering the Puppies With Peanut Butter  

Another way to stop a mother dog from crushing puppies is to have someone apply peanut butter or something else yummy to the back of their neck and then let the pups nurse freely.

As long as they stay out of mom’s way, she won’t realize that there are little ones underneath her when they’re nursing on her milk since it’ll be masked by the much stronger taste coming from what you slathered all over them!

Instructions 10 : Block Off Areas Where Dogs Can Walk    

If your puppy is crushing pups underfoot, try blocking off certain areas where you don’t want them trampling over each other so that they don’t accidentally hurt anyone.

Instructions 11 : Put Babies on Their Tummies for Nursing      

This may seem counterintuitive, but mama’s dog must be able to nurse her litter without hurting anyone, so make sure she can’t crush any of her puppies at all times by putting them on their backs during the nursing time!

Instructions 12 : Crate the Dogs Together at Night 

If your puppy is crushing her pups, try having someone sleep between them each night so that no one can get hurt, and the mommy dog won’t crush any of them if she finds herself on top of anyone who’s sleeping, too soundly under her to realize they’re there.

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Precautions To Protect Your Newborn Puppies

  • Do NOT take your puppies home to their new mother until they are at least 8 weeks old.
  • Do NOT give them directly to their new mother without wrapping them in a warm towel.Wrapping Newborn Puppies
  • Do NOT put the entire litter in the same bed with their mother, or they will suffocate her while she sleeps! This is extremely dangerous for the puppies and could cause great harm to your dog as well.
  • If you are having trouble housebreaking your new puppies, crate-train them right away! The crate should be just large enough for him to stand up comfortably, turn around and lie down comfortably but not so big that he can eliminate at one end and get wet at the other.
  • If you have trouble crate training, try wrapping the puppy in a towel and gently lower him into the carrier. Put a treat on top of his head so he will look up at you, praise him and let him out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Can You Tell If Your Puppy Is Too Young? 

A: They cannot see clearly from more than a few feet away, nor can they hear or smell as well as an adult dog. Their body systems aren’t developed enough to handle any stress or changes in their environment (such as moving). They would be far better off staying with mom until they are closer to caring for themselves.


If you’re a dog lover and worried about your newborn puppies on protecting them from accidental harm to the mother, this blog post will be helpful for you. We have discussed how to prevent mother dog from crushing puppies so that all puppies are meant to live happily.

The only way to prevent mother dogs from crushing puppies is by separating them. This can be done with a baby gate or even just moving the puppy out of sight for a while.

Never try to stop a female dog from protecting her children! They may have been threatened first, and if she feels threatened again, she will likely react aggressively and possibly kill any pup who makes it into her mouth after trying to protect herself from another potential threat. These tips should keep all parties safe while still allowing both momma and babies to bond the way they are meant to.

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