How to Introduce an Aggressive Dog to a Puppy


How to Introduce an Aggressive Dog to a Puppy

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Dog-on-dog violence must be taken seriously by any homeowner. You could work with smaller pets who get violent against other animals, so as they throw a punch on the chain, big dogs could rip the arms out from the joint. Maybe they’ll also put you down on the face, trying to hang on.

What do you say once you have a Rott mixed of 50 kilograms (110 pounds), which has to remind all the other pets that he’s the leader no longer wherever you wander? Years ago, regulating them with such a choke string and giving them pop before actually holding them close whenever they did something wrong was the traditional way of dealing with all these puppies.

How to Introduce an Aggressive Dog to a Puppy

This succeeded often, but it typically did not when the pet was already learning this attitude for ages. What you must do to stop dog to dog violence is create superiority, as per animal trainer. As a master, the animal will respect you and avoid becoming violent. Dogs who are violent to other animals have low social skills, as per dog trainers, and are better taught by observational learning.

This concept is called “Pavlovian conditioning,” and it encourages you to train animals by offering rewards for good behavior. This section will provide you with several ideas about which solution might be best for your pet, and encourage you to teach the pet to be around other animals.


Implicit Obedience

Be sure the dog understands the rules to sit, down, and quiet. You must instruct him “stand” or “laying down” as well and prepare the dog for a long time to keep his place. That instinct management will help you bring your dog each day.

Walking can be a great deal of fun, while the violent pet listens to his instructions. By predicting them until they arise, you will avoid any hostile scenarios. Whenever a dog comes, for starters, make your pet be in a downward direction and speak to him before the other pet has gone.

Of course, when the animal shows up to him and begins a battle, the pet will possibly lose his faith inside you and not need to get into the “down” role. Obedience is necessary, but the solution to your dilemma may not be the solution.

Using a Muzzle or Shorter Chain

While some people think that using a slip collar on a dog is cruel, it can actually be helpful in some situations. The dog usually stops whatever it is doing when the collar is tightened, but it doesn’t change the dog’s overall behavior. The dog can still be friendly to people even when wearing the collar.

I produce slide collars with my own from our light cotton cord. They may not have had the “snap” action of a choking line, but they are more straightforward on the neck of the pet. I often consider using a muzzle form of the bucket (cord or silicone). The muzzle makes it easier for the pet to open his mouth as pant while moving, and in certain situations, this has a soothing influence because it pulls down on the nose of the animal. (Not that all dogs require muzzles, but it’s the most powerful one I’ve seen).

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