How to Deal with Neighbors Aggressive Dog


How to Deal with Neighbors Aggressive Dog

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When you move into a new neighborhood, you will expect to be greeted warmly by everyone around your house. You never want to deal with an aggressive dog barking at you and chasing you down the street. But unfortunately, sometimes, this case happens with a lot of people, and that is why you need to learn how to deal with neighbors aggressive dog.

How to Deal with Neighbors Aggressive Dog

It is not surprising to be threatened by your neighbor’s dog when you first meet them. They are not familiar with you, and they might think you are a threat. But if the dog is aggressive so much to try harming you, you know you have a big problem ahead. That is why we are going to suggest a few solutions to deal with the situation below.

Talk to the Neighbor

The best way to deal with neighbors aggressive dog and cathing a dog is by talking to your neighbor before anything. When the dog sees you for the first time, they will be threatened by your presence if the neighbor is not around to calm the dog down. If you see any sign of the dog being aggressive towards you, you need to inform your neighbor first. But before you talk to them, you need to control your emotions as well.

Once the dog’s unwanted behavior attacks you, you can be scared or angry due to various circumstances. One thing you need to remember is that you cannot blame anyone for that. It is natural for a dog to show hostility towards people they are not familiar with. They will not be familiar with your scent all too soon after you or they move onto the neighborhood.

If you are feeling scared or threatened by a neighbor’s dog, it is important to stay calm and try to get the dog’s owner’s attention. If the owner is nearby, you can tell them what happened and ask them to keep their dog under control. If the owner is not around, you can try to get the dog away from you and find a safe place. Then, when you have a chance, you can tell the owner what happened and ask them to be more careful in the future.

Take Evidence of the Aggressive Behavior

As a pet owner, it’s important to understand the concept of hierarchy when introducing new boundaries. Dogs and even babies are able to comprehend the meaning of hierarchy, so you must act appropriately in order to be seen as the leader of the pack.

If you’re unlucky enough to have an aggressive dog for a neighbor, don’t expect a friendly chat to solve the problem. The owner will never take responsibility, and things will only get worse.


The best thing you can do during this time is to take evidence of the dog’s aggressive behavior. You need to take pictures and videos of the dog to show your neighbor, so they will not be able to deny your complaints.

The best way to gather evidence is by having a camera with you all time. But make sure that you keep a safe space between the dog and you when taking evidence. You do not want to get hurt in the process. Another way to gather evidence is by asking a witness to write down what they saw. This will be helpful in court if you decide to take legal action against the dog’s owner.

Report to Local Animal Control Administration

When your neighbor is nowhere near to teach their dog how to behave or do anything about it, it is time you should take the matter to your hand. The attack of an aggressive dog around your neighborhood is not something to outlook. This is a dangerous matter as it may end up making your life miserable as well as cause your fatal injury. And when the owner is ignorant about the whole situation, you need to do something serious, and it is by reporting about the incident to the local animal control admiration.

There are surely going to be an animal control center around the place you live in. You need to inform them about everything as soon as possible. It is better to show them a little evidence, so they will believe you and your neighbor will not be able to talk back. If the administration finds out that the dog is endangering the lives of other people, they will take serious action by disciplining the dog, and if anything, take away the ownership of your neighbor.

Learn to Defense Against the Dog

But before anything, the best way for how to deal with neighbors aggressive dog is learning to defend yourself when you know there is an aggressive dog nearby. You never know when you are going to meet the devil and get attacked. As you can already tell, injuries caused by the dog can lead to a fatal wound. You can learn to take action before and during the attack.

The best thing to do when you are seeing an aggressive dog is approaching you is learning how to deal with them. You should never get nervous and try to run away. Somehow dogs can smell fear, and once they know that you are afraid of them, they will try to chase you down. The best solution is to pretend not to give them any attention. You can use some serious command to stop their action as well. Once they understand that you have to authorize them and are not afraid of them, they will back off.


If you find yourself under attack, the best way to defend yourself is by using a paper spray or fighting back. Remember not to use any harsh weapon that could seriously injure your attacker unless you are in a deadly situation. We recommend that you keep a good paper spray with you at all times to shoo away attackers.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to deal with neighbors aggressive dog. We hope that you will able to benefit from the advice we gave you. Having an aggressive dog around the neighborhood is a serious problem, and therefore, you need to know exactly how to deal with the situation to live your normal life.

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