How to Stop Dog From Messing Up Blinds


How to Stop Dog From Messing Up Blinds

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Messing up blinds is a common problem for dog owners. Dogs can be curious and playful, which often leads to them jumping up and pawing at the blinds. Unfortunately, this can cause the blinds to become crooked or entirely fall. Luckily, there are a few ways to stop your dog from messing up your blinds. In this article, we will discuss some of these instructions on how to stop dog from messing up blinds and how they work. Keep reading to find out more!

How to Stop Dog From Messing Up Blinds

Dogs are curious creatures that often find themselves getting into everything. For many dog owners, this can lead to their dogs damaging things like blinds in their home.

A Detailed Guide on How to Stop Dog From Messing Up Blinds

Step 1: Vertical Blinds

If you have a dog, it might be best to get vertical blinds that are lined with plastic. These kinds of blinds will last longer and not get ripped or torn up as easily.

Not only that but also plastic-lined vertical blinds come with an extra layer of protection against your pup making messes on them, for example, drink spills and saliva. This is because both their surfaces and internal materials have been protected with a special coating which ensures all liquids run down the leaves instead of absorbing into the surface of the blinds.

Step 2: Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are an affordable option for window coverings for your home. They come in many different colors and materials, including; cloth, vinyl, polyester blend, or faux wood. Cellular shades are trendy mainly because they can easily be raised or lowered with a simple pull cord. Unfortunately, cellular shades are one of the most common types of blinds that dogs will successfully destroy if given enough time.

The reason being is that their delicate fabric is too innocent to stand up against the forceful jaws of your dog or other household pets. Depending on what type you have, it may not happen right away, but if it gets bad enough, you’ll need to replace them, which isn’t exactly cheap!

Step 3: Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are another popular choice for covering your windows in the home. They offer a more modern appearance with their realistic wood grain finish; however, they aren’t very sturdy. Faux wood blinds are also one of the most common types of blinds to be ruined by dogs or cats if not cared for properly.

Use Wood Blinds

Let’s say your dog likes to chew on things as my little angel does, then no matter how many times you teach them not to, eventually, it will happen, and when they do, this is one of the first signs that damage has begun to occur within the faux wood slats themselves.

This type of damage is usually irreversible, but depending on just how bad it is, you can always contact your local window treatment specialist so they can tell you if your faux wood blinds can be restored or not. If they can’t then it’s probably best that you invest in a new set of blinds!

Step 4: Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are among the most popular types of window coverings. They’re affordable and look great, but they don’t last very long with dogs around.

Dogs have thousands of tiny crevices in their fur where dirt and other smells like to collect. This is one way that dogs mark their territory, as other pets will do the same. Once this happens, your dog won’t stop until every single inch has been covered in his scent. So if left alone, he’ll keep going until the blinds are entirely ruined.

Step 5: Roller Shades

Hopefully, your blinds are made out of some plastic or metal instead of fabric because if not, then they’ll end up destroyed by your dog very quickly. On the other hand, Fabric roller shades can be easily torn, chewed, and ripped into pieces, all without you noticing until it’s too late. Once this happens, it will be nearly impossible to clean, leaving you with no choice but to install brand new ones.

Step 6: Shutters

Shutters are an excellent choice for Bay and Bow windows and sliding glass doors because they’re removable. However, to keep your dog from chewing, scratching, or even pulling down these types of window coverings, you may want to remove them when you’re not home, at least until the dog has been adequately trained, which is why it’s recommended that you install blinds if possible instead. This is a crucial step in how to stop dog from messing up blinds.

Step 7: Aluminum Mini Blinds

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering mini blinds as room dividers. They can be a less expensive and easy-to-clean option, but they also come with some risks. Dogs have been known to target mini blinds on multiple occasions, not only because they’re made of fabric but also because they can quickly become tangled around your dog’s neck, causing them to choke. That’s why it’s important to raise and lower these types of blinds properly.

Use Aluminum Mini Blinds

To avoid this from happening, you should do one of two things, first would be to learn how to install a safety cord kit which is a lot easier than most people think. If your mini blinds already have a string attached to the bottom, the other option is to tie it up where your dog can’t reach it.

Step 8: Sheer Curtains

Curtains are another excellent choice for bay and bow windows because they offer complete privacy and require a lot of attention to maintain, especially if you have dogs or cats around the home. How much attention is needed depends entirely on what type you purchase, as some fabrics are more delicate than others.

Sheer curtains are one of the most challenging types of window coverings to take care of when it comes to pets, especially smaller breeds which is why many people prefer drapes over sheer curtains, which tend to last longer and not catch onto their paws as quickly.

Step 9: Corded Blinds

Compared to sheer curtains, which are more difficult corded blinds should be much easier to take care of for pets. However, they still require some attention. How much attention depends entirely on what type you purchase as some options offer more protection than others while others may not come with any cords.

Step 10: Small Slat Blinds

Small slat blinds are another popular choice for bay and bow windows which can be opened or closed manually. However, that isn’t the only reason they’re so popular. Instead of hanging down into the bay/bow window like other window coverings, small slat blinds are installed on tracks along with a valance much like mini-blinds, which is why they offer more excellent protection from pets compared to most other options.

How much security is enough usually depends on what type you purchase because some are explicitly designed not to snag onto paws while others may not come with any cords.

Step 11: Fabric Beaded Curtains

Fabric beaded curtains are similar in appearance to sheer curtains. Still, instead of being made entirely out of light fabric, they’re lined on the back with a thicker, more durable material, making them much harder to tear and chew through. Of course, how easy these curtains will be for your pet to destroy depends on what type you purchase, as some can withstand years of abuse while others may only last a few months before the beads start falling off unexpectedly.

Use a Kennel or Gate

No matter which window coverings you choose, it’s essential that you invest in ones explicitly designed not to catch onto your pet’s paws; however, this doesn’t mean that they can’t or won’t damage them regardless. These steps will help in how to stop dog from messing up blinds.

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1. If possible separate the dog from the source of destruction using a kennel or gated area.

2. Give the dog something that will keep him occupied instead of destroying things in your house, such as chew toys and kongs filled with peanut butter or treats inside.

3. Leave some heavy-duty fly swatters around where you can easily reach them if needed because this might help if he does go after it again while unsupervised in another room, for example.

4. Do not yell at the dog when he is destroying things; he will not understand, and all you are doing is making him anxious and afraid of you, which later could become a severe problem.

5. If possible, let the dog outside while the blinds are down, and once they’re up, give him something else to chew on like rawhide instead of your expensive blinds because this kind of defeats the purpose of trying to prevent him from having access to them when you need them for example if it’s raining or snowing.

Use a Kennel or Gated Area


If you need a solution on how to stop dog from messing up blinds, try this. We have found that using a hamper or old towel can help save time and money on replacing damaged window treatments. How to stop your dog from messing up blinds is easy if you choose the proper method for keeping your pet out of certain areas.