How to Keep Dog Quiet When Working From Home


How to Keep Dog Quiet When Working From Home

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Whether you’re a freelancer, work remotely, or need some quiet, getting your dog to behave when you’re trying to focus can be challenging. This article will show you how to keep dog quiet when working from home. By following these steps, you can reduce distractions and better focus on your work. Let’s get started!

How to Keep Dog Quiet When Working From Home

Working from home can be a significant change of pace from the office. It can allow you to have a more flexible schedule and work in a comfortable environment. But it also comes with its share of distractions. In addition, dog owners often find it challenging to work from home with their furry friends nearby.

A Step by Step Guide on How to Keep Dog Quiet When Working From Home

Step 1 : Before You Start Working Out of Your Home

There are a few things that you should do before you start working out of your home. If they are not done, it will be tough to keep the dog quiet while working from home. The animal will annoy you and your neighbors and family members. If you do not prepare your house before actually starting to work, it will become nearly impossible for you to work.

Step 2 : Make the Environment Quiet for You and the Dog

You must create a quiet environment that helps you focus on work. If there are any exterior sounds, they will disturb you every time you try to work out. Not only your neighbors but other people in the house can also be annoyed by these sounds if they are too loud or continuous. So, it should be considered that this aspect should not be ignored.

Step 3 : Keep the Animal Busy

Keeping Dog Busy

The next step is to make sure that your dog stays busy throughout the day. Make sure you command them to sit down and finally relax for some time before actually starting working because, like humans, animals also need rest after hard work.

All animals, like humans, get tired after a prolonged period of staying active. So, make them sit before you start your job not to get tired very soon.

Step 4 : Don’t Make the Dog Work for Food

If you’re working and your dog sees its food in front of it, it might get distracted and start asking for attention. This can be a problem if the dog is hungry, because it will become hyperactive and keep asking for food.

So, the best way is to give him a little bit of food throughout the day or not at all. If you keep little swiss balls in front of him, these can make a great chew toy for your dog, and he will play with them in his free time.

He will enjoy playing with it and will never want to disturb you while working if you give him this toy. This is a crucial step in how to keep dog quiet when working from home.

Step 5 : Give Your Dog Long-Lasting Chews

Long Lasting Chews for Dog

The next thing you should do is get long-lasting chews for your dog. If there are no long-lasting chews in the market, you can replace them with rawhide bones and other treats.

The point of giving the animals these kinds of things is to be busy for a while and stop causing disruptions when you work from home. You should keep a few long-lasting treats ready with you. Give them to the dog only when necessary and not otherwise.

Step 6 : Keep Your Dog Busy With Interactive Toys

This is one of the most important ways to keep your dog quiet when working out what you need to do. You can buy some interactive toys for pets to not get bored and disturb you while working.

Keeping a dog busy and quiet when you work from home will be easier if you invest in such toys. The animal is less likely to annoy you and create a lot of noise if it has something interesting to play with or chew during the day.

Step 7 : Exercise Your Dog With a Trusted Dog Walker

Another How to keep your dog quiet and busy when you work from home is to get the pet used to someone else. You can hire a dog walker who can come and take your pet for a quick daily walk outside the house. This way, the animal will not be in your room all day.

Exercising Dog With a Trusted Dog Walker

The person you choose for such walks should be trusted so that the dog does not get distracted easily. The pet should not feel threatened by this new visitor. Otherwise, there will be an issue of trust which will eventually lead to disruptions when working out of your home.

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Step 8 : Keep Working, No Matter What!

The next thing you should remember is that no matter what happens and how much your dog tries to disturb you, test and maintain a constant workflow. If you stop working every time the animal barks or makes noise, then it will be tough for you to get back on track.

So make sure that when the dog is making too much noise, ignore it until they calm down. You can also distract her with one of her favorite chew toys if possible.

She will forget about causing disruptions after playing for a while. Even more often. So keep this in mind before getting any pets. These steps will help you in how to keep dog quiet when working from home.

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Tips and Warnings


  • Don’t expect your dog to stay quiet on its own. Even if you’re usually very well-behaved, you need to watch them when you’re trying to work. If they start whining or barking, check on them and take care of the problem immediately
  • Give your dog enough physical exercise before you start working for the day. A tired dog is more likely to sleep than make noise while working. You can play with your dog or give him a brisk walk before starting work each day.Giving Dog Physical Exercise Before Start Working
  • Have a friend you’re member come in during the day to visit your dog. Of course, if you’re friends with someone willing to take on this responsibility for free, you should consider it. Your dog will be distracted by the company, and this is especially true if your friend has a dog themselves
  • Get yourself an automatic toy dispenser. Fill the machine with treats or kibble, set it to dispense at certain times during the day, and let your dog work for its food. It keeps them busy and out of trouble
  • See if there is somewhere in or near your house where it’ll be okay if your dog barks and whines. For example, it might be possible to train your dog to make noise in an enclosed area, like a bathroom.


  • If you’re working from home with your dog, only let them have access to little zone if you are confident they will stay there. Please don’t keep them in a room where they can make a lot of noise, or you’ll have problems with harassing your neighbors
  • Be careful with the toy dispenser solution. It might work for some dogs, but if they’re a little more energetic, it’s straightforward for them to get hurt playing around with the machine. Only use this method as a last resort and be very careful when using it
  • When using outdoor areas as “dog zones,” make sure that your dog is adequately secured. If you leave him tied up while you’re working, he can quickly run away or get himself into other kinds of trouble
  • Howling isn’t an issue when it’s coming from a backyard or enclosed area but make note that this is NOT an appropriate solution for dogs who howl because they miss their owner, are lonely, or want attention
  • Some breeds of dogs are more likely to bark than others. If you have one of these breeds, be extra careful about keeping him quiet when you’re trying to work. Beagle, basset hounds, and cocker spaniels are more likely they’ll k than most other breeds.
  • If you have a new dog, remember that they’ll need time to adjust before they It’s stay home alone without being distracted by their new surroundings. It’s best not to leave a new dog home for the first time on a day when you need to work


The best way to keep a dog quiet when working from home is by following these steps. First, make sure your pup can’t have plenty of toys and chewies. Next, please provide them with food that they can’t eat quickly, like raw vegetables or frozen kongs filled with peanut doesn’t or canned pumpkin puree.

Next, provide water in different bowls so it doesn’t get stale for the whole day. Finally, play music on low volume so you will be able to concentrate and have you’ll any! Once you learn how to keep dog quiet when working from home, you’ll never need to worry about leaving them again!

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