How to Protect Carpet From Dogs


How to Protect Carpet From Dogs

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Carpets are important to the overall appearance of a home. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. And now there are carpet tiles that anyone in just minutes can install! So you don’t have to worry about unseemly seams or the hassle of moving heavy furniture around. But carpets can also be a big problem when you have pets, especially dogs who like to chew on them for some reason. For this reason, today, I will discuss all the related topics on how to protect carpet from dogs. So let us get to the main discussion.

How to Protect Carpet From Dogs

Why Do Dogs Like Carpets?

Carpets are a dog’s favorite spot to rest and play. Although they can provide great comfort, carpets are also a frequent source of pet problems. When dogs lie down on carpets, their body oils and dirt from outside get trapped in a pile. Dogs love the sensation these oils give them when they sleep or roll around on them.

Dogs can get skin irritation from carpet fibers. Once they have this irritation, they will itch more and get more oils, dander, and dirt on their skin, which makes the irritation worse.

How Can Dogs Affect the Carpets?

Carpets are a great way to add warmth, comfort and style to your home, and they’re perfect for any room. Bedrooms, living rooms, offices or even lobbies will benefit from a carpet, so don’t hesitate to add one to your decorating scheme.

Carpets also protect wooden floors from excessive wear and tear, which is why more people prefer to use them instead of hardwood flooring. But what happens when you have dogs at home? When dogs urinate or defecate on them, for example, most carpet owners find it very difficult to remove urine stains from their precious carpets because some enzymes usually become stubborn stains that take long before they can be removed. This is why you must first learn how to protect carpet from dogs before getting one at home.

How to Protect Carpet From Dogs

Some easy steps can be taken to ensure that your carpet remains healthy and free of damage, especially when your dog around. Here’s what you need to do:

Keep an eye on your dog whenever they play on it

No matter how cute, playful or sweet your dog may appear, they still have their own habits, which most of the time end up damaging carpets like chewing them, for example. One quick way to keep them off is by placing a “doggy gate” at the entrance of each room where there’s a carpet and make sure to install a latch on each of them. Not only does it keep them out, but it also adds it by creating a sense of security that dogs naturally feel when they’re inside a pen.

Keep an Eye on Your Dog Whenever They Play on It

Stick to neutral colors

if you have young children, pets, or both, it’s best that you stick with carpets in colors that are not as enticing as bright reds, dark browns, and blacks because these attract attention from dogs who might want to go near. The same thing goes for vacuuming, too – try always remember to vacuum in the evening or times where the dog is not around because some would notice this as an “invitation” to play with the broom or even lay down on its bristles!

Get a water-based shampoo

To help you clean up any mess made by dogs on carpets, opt for water-based shampoos like the ones from Shiekh, which are safe to use around children and pets. This way, you can get rid of dog odor on the carpet since these come with an antibacterial formula.

Use baby gates

Not only do these keep your kids away from areas that could be harmful to them, but it’s also good for keeping dogs off too! The moment they see something wonderful behind a gate or door that is closed to them, they’ll immediately want to go through it simply because their instincts say so. Through this method, you can protect your dog when they start chewing the wrong things. Dog gates also keep your child safe from harm. If you have an adventurous kid, they might want to go through the door and risk injury. Having a dog gate makes it easier for you to manage them and prevent them from going through the door that they’re not supposed to.

Cover it up

If you can’t avoid having the carpet in a room where your dog can access it, then at least put a cover over it (like an area rug, for example) to protect it from any possible damage that could result from chewing or licking. Also, be sure to carefully check if there are items your dogs might want to chew on, just like electrical cords, especially those covered by plastic plates, which they might reposition only to find out later that something is actually inside of them!

Be alert at all times

Even though dog owners have different reasons as to why they love having these pets around their house, one thing’s for sure: dogs do tend to get themselves into trouble sometimes with their constant curiosity. For example, they might spot a photo album in one of the rooms that are completely out of their reach and decide to go towards it when no one is looking just for them to realize later on that this is too high up and they can’t seem to get hold of it properly. This may result in chewing off its corners, which ruins the carpet and takes away your pictures as well!

Use deterrent sprays

A good way to keep a dog away from chewing on your carpet is by spraying deterrent sprays like those which come from Ecovacs. At the same time, it will have an unpleasant taste and smell for dogs when they accidentally contact it.

Avoid using an electric fence

When you use one of these, it’s important to pay attention to its placement since if not properly placed or installed, a dog can easily go under or over them! Besides that, some static fences may even send your pet into shock when touched, making them afraid of doing so again in the future. So instead of purchasing this type of fencing, try using other methods instead of those mentioned above.

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Avoid using an electric fence

Get rid of loose strings

Just like those from socks and sweaters, loose strings are just too enticing for dogs to ignore simply because it’s so easy for them to snag them in their mouth. As a result of this action, they might end up pulling these off the carpet, which could be dangerous or harmful if swallowed.

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Use anti-skid rugs

If you have carpets with patterns on them or designs that do not have non-slip backing like those that Capel makes, pay attention to where you position them in your home, especially at places where there is already a certain amount of foot traffic going through. This is to ensure that even when wet, pets won’t get hurt when walking over it since most times, they tend to walk using their nails instead of their paws, which are not only sharp but strong enough to rip off the fabric stuck onto the carpet.

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In this blog, you have learned the ways to stop dog hair from spreading on carpets. If you know someone who has an issue with a pet, they can tell them about all the options available to pick one that works for their home and lifestyle. I hope that all your queries about how to protect carpet from dogs have been answered through the article. Thank you, and have a good day!

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