How to Hide a Cat in an Apartment


How to Hide a Cat in an Apartment

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If you’re a renter with a pet, you know the challenges of finding housing that allows animals. And if you have a cat, the challenge is even more significant. Cats are the most commonly surrendered pets to animal shelters, and many landlords don’t allow them because of the potential for damage and noise.

How to Hide a Cat in an Apartment

If you’re lucky enough to find a place that does allow cats, chances are your landlord has restrictions on how many you can have or what type of litter box you must use. So what’s an animal lover to do if they want to keep their cat but don’t want to move? The solution is simple: hide your cat! In this blog post, we will discuss how to hide a cat in an apartment. Here are some tips on how to do it.

10 Ways on How to Hide a Cat in an Apartment

Ways 1 : Train Your Cat

Training Cat to Go Outside

Train your cat to go outside. This way, your cat can go outside and relieve itself without you needing to let it out. This is a good option for people who will be away from home all day and cannot watch their cats.

Ways 2 : Juggle Your Cat’s Schedule

Cats are nocturnal animals, active at night when they hunt. To trick them, keep them active during the day while you are awake. Try to play with your cat when you get home from work or at any other time you can manage without disrupting too much of your daily routine. If possible, take a long walk with your cat.

Ways 3 : Using the Litter Box

Keeping Cat Indoors All Day

If you have a cat, you will need to provide a litter box for it to use. The litter box should be in a quiet, out-of-the-way room, and it should be big enough for the cat to turn around and bury its droppings inside.

Ways 4 : The Bathroom

The bathroom is a good choice for a hiding spot for your cat because it is a small room with a door that can be shut at all times. A space behind the shower curtain will provide a great hiding spot for your cat to stay inside while you are away.

Ways 5 : Bedroom Closet

If you plan on keeping your cat inside, you should not leave it alone all day long. The bedroom closet tucks neatly into a corner and provides room for an average-sized cat to fit inside comfortably. Also, keep the door shut at all times to prevent your cat from wandering around the room when you are gone.

Ways 6 : Underneath Your Desk

Keeping Door Shut in Apartment

It can be challenging to keep a door shut when you leave for lunch or a break in an office setting. To solve this problem, place a large box under your desk and cut a couple of holes into the sides that only your cat can fit through. Then, keep the lid to the box closed while you are away.

Ways 7 : Kitchen Cabinet

Creating a sturdy platform by stacking three coffee tables on top of each other enables cats to easily reach high cabinets, even when they cannot get onto tabletops or counters themselves. To keep more than one cat in your home, make sure to stack the tables evenly.

Ways 8 : Behind the Drapes

If you have a tall bookcase, you can use it to create a hiding place for your cat. By placing the bookcase between two windows and stacking books on top, you can create a comfortable and elevated hiding spot for your cat. This way, your cat can stay hidden and safe while you’re away.

Placing Tall Bookcase in Apartment

Scat mats keep your furry friend safe by emitting a mild shock when touched. They can be used under furniture, along with doorways, and other areas where cats like to sneak in and out. You can buy them online or at your local pet store. 5. Catnip Spray

Ways 9 : Hiding in Plain Sight

An urn on top of your highest bookshelf is another way to store your cat when you are away. Just make sure not to fill it with ashes, as they will get all over everything else inside the container. An old boot makes another good hiding spot for small cats, as does an oversized vase or large water pitcher.

Ways 10 : A Basic Box

A large box for your cat to fit inside will keep it out of sight while you are away. Cut a hole in one side and place it near your front or back door. If you live in an apartment where the landlord will not let you nail holes into walls, place large nails around your door frame and tie one corner of the box to them to keep it steady while you are gone.

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Some Tips For Keeping Your Cat Hidden

Here we have given some tips and suggestions on how to hide a cat in an apartment.

Sleeping in a Room Alone :

Get an automated pet feeder that will mix food and water at certain times of the day, and make sure the window is open and there is a tree close enough for your cat to jump on. This way, you won’t have to let your cat outside when it’s time for them to eat.

Playing With Toys :

Get some cat toys, put them on the floor, and wait for your cat to come. Hide when they do! Watch them play with the toy, and then you can leave.

Feeding Times :

Most cats are lazy enough not to look for you after eating. You can use this to your advantage by feeding them then slowly moving away, so they don’t see where you go.

Construction/Decoration Noise :

If your neighbors are doing some noisy construction work, wait until they start for a bit, then move out of sight behind the corner of the room. They’ll be so focused on the noise that they won’t notice you moving. If you’re waiting in line for something and don’t want to be bothered, put your headphones on and pretend to be listening to music. People will be less likely to bother you if they think you’re busy.

Hiding Behind a Door :

Most cats don’t bother looking behind doors, so if your cat is doing something like meowing at a toy, get behind the door and wait until they look away. Then, move slowly around the doorway until you’re out of sight.

Staying Away From the Windows :

Most cats won’t look up when they’re in a room, so you can easily hide behind something tall. If your cat is near a window, stay away from it and wait until they leave.

Messy Rooms :

Cats usually like to play around with stuff like balls of paper or pads, so take advantage of their messiness by hiding under it.

How to Hide Your Cat During an Apartment Inspection?

Simple! Hide your kitty in a big tote. It will be much easier if you have a friend help you out with the hiding part, but if not, then try and time everything perfectly to go according to plan. You see, many cats won’t do anything they’re told not to do when people are in the room. So if you can get your cat to sit still in a bag or box long enough to fool the landlord, then you’ll be able to pull this off without too much issue.

First, take your friend and go over the plan one more time before doing it for real. If you’re doing this by yourself, then try and find someone to help you take the bag with the cat in it into your apartment. If you have a friend who will help, go over the plan once more.

Now that you’ve got everything planned, output your cat in a tote or box that’s big enough for them to fit in comfortably but not big enough that your kitty will be able to get out. Suppose you’ve got a friend who can help you do this, then great! If not, then try and time all of the events ideally so that you can put them together without too much trouble.

What Kind of Food Should I Feed My Cat So That It won’t Leave the Apartment?

When trying to keep your cat hiding in your apartment, the most critical consideration is ensuring that it is well-fed. A hungry cat is more likely to go outside looking for food, and it will be much easier to keep the cat hidden in your apartment when you can avoid that. On the surface, this may seem like an open-and-shut case; feed the cat whatever they want all of the time, right? But, unfortunately, things are not that simple.

It is essential to be very careful about what kind of food you feed your cat. For instance, you do not want to go with something cheap like table scraps. If the cat will only eat it once or twice, this is fine; if they are eating it every day, you need to make sure that you are buying them food intended for cats. If you are not, they will become malnourished and look for more food outside of the apartment.


Sometimes, when you have a cat in an apartment, it can be challenging to find the right place for them. The tips we’ve provided today should help make your living situation with your feline friend more enjoyable and give both of you some much-needed space!

We hope this blog post on how to hide a cat in an apartment has been helpful. However, if any of these methods are still too hard on either of you, let us know. Our team is here to help create a plan for everyone involved, including Fluffy or Fido. Do you have any suggestions? We would love to hear from our readers, so please send us feedback below!

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