How to Keep Cat From Opening Door


How to Keep Cat From Opening Door

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Is your cat always opening the door, coming and going as she pleases? You may be wondering how to keep your cat from opening the door. It’s not too difficult to train your cat to stay away from the door. Unfortunately, while cats are independent and sometimes sneaky, many pet owners find their cats trying to escape out the front door.

How to Keep Cat From Opening Door

In this article, we will share some tips on how to keep cat from opening door. Cats like to roam around freely, but it is essential to keep them safe by preventing them from escaping. With a few simple changes, you can ensure your cat stays inside where they belong.

12 Easy and Practical Ways on How to Keep Cat From Opening Door

Ways 1 : Use Double Sided Tape on Door Edges

Using Double-sided Tape Blocking Door Opening

You can use double-sided tape to keep your door open. Cats don’t like the sticky feeling of the tape on their paws, so they will not walk into the room. It is a cheap and straightforward fix. This method only requires the person to make a few adjustments in their routine but can be a successful deterrent for cats.

Ways 2 : Put Rubber Strips on the Door

Cats dislike the feeling of rubber strips, so you should place some rubber strips or double-sided tape onto the door to use this method. This will let them know that there is something in the way and they should not be going through it.

Ways 3 : Get a Motion-Activated Sprinkler

A motion-activated sprinkler is the perfect way to keep your cat out of a certain room. When your cat enters the room, the sensor will be tripped and a spritz of water will be sprayed. The sound and sight of the water will startle your cat and may deter them from ever entering that room again.

Motion Activated Sprinkler Detering Cat From House

Ways 4 : Use a Scat Mat

Scat mats keep your furry friend safe by emitting a mild shock when touched. They can be used under furniture, along with doorways, and other areas where cats like to sneak in and out. You can buy them online or at your local pet store. 5. Catnip Spray

Ways 5 : Use Scented Deterrent

There are variously scented and unscented repellents you can purchase to keep your cat from getting into the room. Things like bitter apple and lemon sprays, citrus peels, and peppermint sprays are great for deterring cats.

Ways 6 : Make the Room Unappealing

You can try putting double-sided tape on furniture in the room, or you can put aluminum foil, upside-down pots with pennies in them, or crinkled-up newspaper in front of entrances to rooms which you do not want your cat to go into.

Ways 7 : Use Cat Repellents

Keeping Cats Away From Certain Areas

There are various cat repellent products you can purchase that help keep cats away from certain areas or objects. You can find them at your local pet store or online. You may need to experiment with different cat repellents to see which one works best.

Ways 8 : Train Your Cat

Training your cat is one of the best ways to keep them from avoiding the area you wish they would stay out of. If they are doing something that makes you uncomfortable, there is probably a reason for it. Maybe there is food somewhere in the room, perhaps another pet has access to this part of the house, or perhaps children play there.

Ways 9 : Stop Your Cat from Eating Litter

If you have a cat that is eating Litter or anything else it shouldn’t be eating, you can do a couple of things to stop this behavior. First, you can purchase bitter apple spray which will make whatever the cat has eaten taste unpleasant and deter them from doing it again; things you can do to train them not to continue this behavior.

One way is to place the items they shouldn’t be eating out of their reach, make sure the cat can’t go in that area, or retrieve those things and spray anything they shouldn’t eat with bitter apple.

Ways 10 : Use Cat-friendly Paint

If your cat is scratching your furniture or walls, you can deter this behavior by buying and using a special kind of paint that cats do not like. It has been specially made to be unappealing to cats when they contact it. However, the color may still look attractive, and if you want to keep them from scratching other furniture, you can put double-sided tape on it.

Cat Scratching Furniture

Ways 11 : Keep Your Cat Busy

Cats are very independent and curious animals, which means they can sometimes get into trouble when they have nothing to do. Therefore, make sure your cat has a lot of toys to play with and that there is at least one scratching post in every room in your house. You should also have a minimum of two litter boxes, one of which should be kept in the area where you do not want your pet to go.

Ways 12 : Use Barriers

One of the best ways to keep a cat from going where it shouldn’t is by using a barrier. You can use gates, fences, and even screens to block access. This will stop them from getting past certain areas, which may cause problems for you.

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Some Helpful Tips and Suggestions

Here are some tips and suggestions on how to keep cat from opening door.

  • Keep your cat occupied. If you’re away, make sure there are toys or games available to keep them entertained. You should also make sure the items they like best (laser pointers, etc.) are kept out of reach while you’re gone.
  • Make sure you’ve installed a reliable pet door lock if needed. It’s not safe to let your pet roam freely in and out of rooms.
  • Consider having more than one entrance into the home to prevent only one area from being an open invitation for cats to enter or exit at will. If you have a cat, you might want to think about installing another pet door for them so they can come and go as they please.
  • Place baby locks on all doors, cabinets, and drawers that you don’t want the cats to go in when you’re gone. Place a loop of string or ribbon through the doorknob and tie it so the door can only be opened slightly. This will prevent the cats from being able to open the door themselves.
  • Make sure kitty can see you at all times when you’re home, so they know where you are and what you’re doing. That way, they won’t wander off on their own.
  • If you’re going away for a long time, consider hiring a pet sitter to come by regularly.
  • Placemats with double-sided tape or glue along with the doors that the kitty likes to slip through. The mat will act as a deterrent, and they’ll soon learn to stay out of that area!

Can Cats Learn to Open Doors?

Cats have a natural desire to explore and get into new places. If they see a slightly ajar door, most cats will immediately try to push it open. This instinct can drive some owners mad, especially if the cat finds its way back home after being locked out on the other side of this partially opened door.

Many people resort to childproofing the door and putting a hook and eye on it to prevent this. However, even if owners do this, cats can learn how to open doors in certain situations. As long as they have the necessary coordination and strength, you may still find your cat trying its luck at pushing against such doors. It’s a good idea to keep your doors locked at all times if you don’t want this problem.

How Do You Cat Proof a Doorway?

Cats can be very sneaky. They manage to get themselves into all sorts of trouble, and sometimes it’s tough to catch and stop them from continuing their activities (and you might end up losing a battle with your cat). Cat proofing a doorway is just one issue that cats can cause when trying to sneak out of the house or get back into the house after being outdoors.

There are lots of ways to prevent your cat from opening the door. If you want to try and use a pet gate, this is an ideal solution for people that don’t want their cats going downstairs and outside (especially if your pets tend to be curious and get into trouble).

Pet gates can easily be installed in various locations around the home, although these can be pretty cumbersome to step over. If you want to keep your cat in a specific room, it’s best to purchase a door made specifically for cats. It will be able to fit over the entrance of the doorway without allowing your feline friend to get out.


It is essential to keep the cat indoors. Cats are curious animals, so if they can get out of the house, there’s a good chance that they will explore their surroundings which may lead them into danger or cause property damage. On the other hand, if you want your kitty to stick around for years with no escape attempts, it is best not to give them an opportunity!

Ensure all doors leading outside are kept closed when cats cannot be supervised, and try using double-sided tape on door frames in high traffic areas like near litter boxes. We hope this blog post on how to keep cat from opening door has been helpful. If you have any questions or want to know more, then feel free to comment below!

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