How Many Days After an Enema Will a Cat Poop


How Many Days After an Enema Will a Cat Poop

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Cats are adorable, furry creatures that can be found in homes all over the world. They’re clever animals and require a lot of care. One popular way to take care of your cat is by feeding them a diet of wet food rather than dry kibble because it’s easier on their stomachs. But what about when they need to poop? What if you just gave them an enema, and they don’t go for days? Read this blog post to find out more information on How many days after an enema will a cat poop! 

How Many Days After an Enema Will a Cat Poop

What Happens After Cat Enema?


One of the top reasons people give their cats an enema is because they are constipated. The water from the enema irritates their bowels, and it makes them vomit. This isn’t something that should concern the owner much, but your veterinarian will probably want to know about it anyway.


Once cats have had enough time to pass an enema, you’ll probably see some results pretty quickly! This is especially true if you gave them a massive one for constipation purposes, because there will be lots of liquid that needs to get out! So how do you know when your cat has diarrhea? There are several signs, all of which depend on what caused your cat’s poop problems in the first place.

3.Diarrhea If They Are Constipated:

If your cat has had an enema to help with constipation, they may have diarrhea soon after! How many days after an enema will a cat poop? Usually, within one day of the enema.

4.Gallbladder Stasis:

Cats can have problems pooping if something is wrong in their gallbladder or even a growth inside it. The time frame for seeing results could be much longer than usual, at three or four days.  It’s usually going to be harder to tell the difference if your cat has just had its gallbladder removed.

Cats Can Have Problems Pooping

5.Food Intolerance:

If there’s suddenly been something added to your pet’s food that they’re allergic to, there could be a delay in the poop. It could take up to two weeks for your pet to get used to it and pass their waste. 

6.Food Poisoning:

Again, food intolerance is usually what causes this but what if your kitty ate something you weren’t aware of? The time frame isn’t going to be as severe as food poisoning because oftentimes, more than one thing doesn’t need time to settle before showing results!


After any kind of surgery, your pet will be very sore, and it might take time to recover enough for a bowel movement. It could take several days before you see results! You’re likely going to see something when they can’t walk well or may not want to eat or drink water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Enemas Stay in Cat’s System?

How long it takes for results to show also depends on exactly what is making your cat constipated and what they’ve had in their system recently. Generally, most enemas don’t stay in a cat’s system longer than two days.

How Long Do Enemas Stay in Cat's System

If your cat has had some kind of surgery or been fed something nasty that kept them from getting rid of their stool, It could take up to two weeks! So be patient with these types of situations and do your best to administer some extra comfort if you can!

How Long Do Enemas Stay in Cat’s System After Having a Toilet Training Session?

If your cat has had an enema because of constipation, it’s going to be very hard for you to know when they’re going to have a bowel movement. It could be anywhere between one and three! You may also find that the enema wasn’t practical if you do not see results soon after.

How Many Days After An Enema Will A Cat Poop If They Have Tumors Inside Their Gut?

Your veterinarian is probably aware of this, but sometimes tumors can get inside the gut, blocking it up and preventing waste from moving through it. It could take several days, weeks, or even months for this to happen. Keep in mind that your veterinarian can get the results out of them more quickly than you can!

How Long Do Enemas Stay in Cat’s System After Having Surgery? 

Your pet will have trouble passing anything for several days after surgery. Without knowing how long it took your vet to perform the procedure, it’s hard to say, but it could take a week for everything to get back into its usual place.


If you have a cat and they’ve been constipated, it might be time for an enema. The best thing to do is consult your vet about the issue or look up information online. You will find more information on how many days after an enema will make a cat poop in this blog post!

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