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Why Is My Cat Playing With His Poop?

Cats are mischievous and playful animals. They can start playing with just a string or a cork, no need for any special toys. But sometimes they can make their owners surprise with their playing materials. This because they sometimes choose their own poops as playing material. Well, that’s crazy! And being confused, you might have searched “Why is my cat playing with his poop;” isn’t it? Thankfully, you have arrived on the correct page. In this article, we are going to discuss the exact reasons for this kind of behavior. So, leave everything for a couple of minutes and concentrate on this article till the end.

Why Is My Cat Playing With His Poop

Why Is My Cat Playing With His Poop?

We all know that cats are very careful with their toilet. This type of behavior is seen in almost every cat, and they grow up with this from an early stage. Your cat will definitely look for quiet areas where they can keep their poops out of sight. Even if you don’t teach them to do this, this type of behavior is structured from an early stage. Although cats are pretty clean, sometimes things can be changed.

Cats usually dig a place for putting their poops. But if you don’t help them or provide them finding a proper place, they will tend to complete their personal work around you. As a result, the feces may remain in sight.

Cats dig a place for putting their poops

A cat will avoid those areas at the initial stage. But as they don’t have that disgusting feel as we do, they may not avoid their poops at a certain stage. When the poop will dry up, and the smells are gone, it will be nothing but a stone to them. As they don’t have that disgusting feel, they will take the dried poop as a toy. But like the dogs, they are not attracted to the smell and not going to eat it up.

Cats tend to select toys that are more fun to play with. Once they get one of them, they will leave the rest. In this case, the thing is to consider that cat tends to ignore the large parts. This is what can make them play with their poops too.

This habit can grow from an early stage. But those cats who already have their favorite toys have less interest in playing with the poops. So, you should focus on buying more toys (obviously the favorite toys) for her.

Final Thoughts

It is impossible to limit your cat’s access to the litter box. Besides, it is also not suggested to punish your cat if they start to play with their own poop. You should train them properly, and that can help you only. Try to give them more toys in return. This will help him build a habit of playing with specific items. Hopefully, this guide was helpful for you to understand why cats play with their own poop. If you need to know anything else, you can use the comment section below.

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