Can You Change a Cats Name


Can You Change a Cats Name

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We all call our cat with a lovely name, and our cat also responds with that. Well, we usually have to go through a training process to make things done according to this. But due to certain circumstances, we sometimes need to change our cat’s name, and that’s where all the complications start. So, can you change a cats name? Are they still going to respond with the new name or not? Let’s find out!

Can You Change a Cats Name

Can You Change a Cats Name?

You can technically change your cat’s name as many times as you want. No one is going to stop you from doing this. You can even change your cat’s name every month if you wish to.

If you want to change your cat’s name, you need to be patient and give them time to learn the new name. Most people who own cats don’t change their names because it can be confusing for the cat.

Training a cat to respond to her new name is not difficult. You just need to put some extra effort into teaching your cat to respond to her new name. For this, you can try calling her by her new name while giving her food. Or by keeping the food in your hand. This method will make her learn how to respond within a few days. So, before setting her meal, make sure to go through this training period at least once a day.

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