Why Does My Puppy Keep Sneezing


Why Does My Puppy Keep Sneezing

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We always love puppies. We love to keep them in our house and watch them grow the whole way. We still want them to have a good life, and for this reason, we always try to provide them the best possible environment, including food. But sometimes, they might get contaminated with germs. This is quite usual because puppies still want to roam around and play.

We always take our puppy to walk. This is one of the most favorite things for them. They wait the whole day to go for a walk, and when they are out of the house, they tend to become very excited. In this manner, they might come across some minor herms which might irritate your puppy, and eventually, they sneeze.

Why Does My Puppy Keep Sneezing

Sneezing is a common occurrence among puppies, and there are many reasons which can work behind sneezing. However, when you observe that your dog is sneezing more than usual, you should try to find out the exact reason behind this issue.

Why do we sneeze? Let’s explore some of the core reasons that might help us understand the cause of sneezing. So please sit back and let us guide you through the entire discussion.

Core Reason Behind Sneezing

There are many reasons which are possible for eliciting sneeze in your puppy. For our readers’ betterment, we will list some of them and discuss them with proper explanation. This will allow you to have an adequate conception, and you can also treat your dog accordingly. These probable causes are discussed below.

Remote Objects

The first thing that comes to our mind when we assess the reason for sneezing for puppies is the inhaling of foreign objects. This is a common phenomenon because when your cat roams in the yard, they will always try to sniff the ground. While sniffing the ground, they might end up inhaling a lump of soil or some grass. These elements entering the nose of your dog, elicits sneezing.

The possible reason for sneezing is the inborn system of your dog’s body to dislodge the soil and grass. So if your dog starts to sneeze while it is roaming in the yard, then you should not get worried; instead, you should try to clean the nose of your puppy. It would be best if you used a clean cloth, and it should be soft so that the nose’s inner membrane does not get affected. Thus you can quickly get rid of unwanted sneezing for puppies.


One other potential reason your puppy might be sneezing is due to irritants in the environment. We know that things like perfumes and air fresheners can be irritating to puppies, as the smells of these products are not meant for them. In particular, things like aerosols, hairspray, and perfumes can be highly irritating to a dog’s nose.

When your puppy smells these scents, they will start to get irritated and sneeze. So be sincere when using these products in your house. It’s better to use them in a spare room and keep your puppy away for some time until the smell is properly eradicated.

Sneezing While Playing

Sometimes we might observe that our dogs are sneezing while playing. When you have a playdate for your puppy and enjoy the occasions, your puppy might sneeze. This is an apparent reason to make you alarmed. You might think that your dog is allergic to others or there is some dominant reason for sneezing. But for your concern, there is nothing to get worried about these types of sneezing. This is a way of communication between dogs.

If your puppy sneezes while playing, it means they’re having fun. Sometimes these sneezes can also be a way of telling other puppies that they’re just playing, not fighting. So if you see your dog sneezing while playing, don’t worry – it’s harmless.

Nasal Mites

This is an exciting aspect of the sneezing of your puppy. When you observe that your puppy is continuously sneezing and there is small debris coming out of the nose, you should always check the nose and clean it. But when your puppy has nasal discharge, bleeding, and head-shaking, it is not some debris that’s the reason behind sneezing.

There is a high possibility of nasal mites dwelling inside the nose of your dog. Your puppy will start to scratch its skin, and at some point, you will observe labored breathing. In such cases, you have to check your puppy with the vet. Nasal mites are tiny microorganisms, they do not grow more than one millimeter, and it is possible to observe them with naked eyes.

So if you observe these symptoms in your dog, you have to clean the nose and check for mites. It is better to get immediate medical attention. The vet will provide oral or relevant medicine that will cure this issue.

Reverse Sneeze

Sometimes you may have heard your puppy making a snorting sound. This is not sneezing, and in sneezing, the air is pushed out from the body. In the case of a reverse sneeze, the dog makes a snorting sound and sucks the air inside the body. This is done to remove debris from the nasal passage. So you do not need to be worried about reverse sneezing. It is somewhat beneficial for their health.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we hope that the reasons we have discussed here have helped offer you a concise thought about the possible aspects behind your puppy sneezing. You should always check for the diet and the playing environment of your dog to reduce these issues. Moreover, you can have regular checkups for your puppy to check for nasal mites and other infections. This will be highly beneficial for preventing severe health issues for your puppy. Thank you. Have a good day.

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