Are Huskies Okay in Hot Weather?


Are Huskies Okay in Hot Weather?

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When it comes to the Siberian Husky, people always think they are okay with the cold weather due to their thick dog-sled. It is true; their thick fur makes them ideal for the extreme weather. But what about the warm weather? If you have a pet Husky and you are living in America, your dog will have to face some warmness. Sometimes the unbearable heat makes it hard for us to live; how can these unique dog breeds tolerate that heat? Well, that’s really an important question which requires an appropriate answer. So, let’s see, are huskies okay in hot weather or not?

Are Huskies Okay in Hot Weather?

While most people think that huskies are for cold weather and can live in the North only, but that’s not true anymore. There are many Husky owners in America, and they love this dog breed more than others. So, forget those old myths. But it is true that their skin and bodily systems are designed for extreme cold weather. In this case, will the warmness of the weather can be a great issue or not? If you are also one of those Husky owners and looking for the answers, you have come to the right place. So, let’s dive in!

Are Huskies Okay in Hot Weather?

This is not a behaviour that is exhibited by all cats – some may react strangely if you touch the base of their tail. Even if they trust you, they may still hesitate to let you do that. This is more commonly seen in female cats, who are generally more sensitive around that area.

Okay, you have got an answer; your Husky can tolerate the upcoming summer. But there is one thing you need to know. Just because I have said that they can adapt to any weather doesn’t mean that you have nothing to worry about.

Are Huskies Okay in Hot Weather?

Maybe you have forgotten that I also stated Huskies are built for cold weather. And owing to that, they might face some sorts of issues during summer. Issues like overheating, overexertion, and dehydration take place during the warm weather so, you have to pay proper attention to your Husky’s body condition. During summer, try to keep your dog inside the house for most of the time. If you have to take them out for a walk, choose early morning or late evening. During these times, the temperature is not that hot and the sun is not too bright.

As long as you can keep an eye on your husky and keep them safe from overheat or those issues, there is nothing to worry about.

Signs to Look Out

Now, you might be thinking about what could be signed with which you can determine your Husky’s health condition? Well, I am going to discuss some common signs below.

Are Huskies Okay in Hot Weather?


American Kennel Club has proven that Huskies have the eight most common signs of dehydration. These are

1. Loss of appetite

2. Reduced energy levels

3. Panting

4. Lethargy

5. Sunken

6. Dry eyes

7. Dry nose or gums

8. Loss of skin elasticity

These symptoms are also visible in the dogs that are sick with something else. In this case, the “pinching test” will be the best way to determine their health condition. For this, you will have to pinch your furry friend’s skin between two fingers. If your dog is dehydrated, the skin will take more time to fall back. If the dog is not dehydrated, the process will occur quickly. Make sure to do this in a gentle way. We humans aren’t really fond of getting pinched; our dogs aren’t too.
There are other ways to tell if your Husky is healthy, like feeling their nose or looking at the condition of their gum. If your Husky is healthy, you’ll notice a moister gum. A dehydrated Husky will have a drier gum.


When a Husky overheats, you may notice symptoms like panting and rapid breathing. This is because overheating can lead to dehydration, which can be dangerous for your dog. Be sure to keep an eye on your Husky on hot days, and provide plenty of water to avoid this problem.

You will notice that their thirst level has increased and their body temperature is higher than normal. Overheating can make your puppy weak, increase their heartbeat and pulse, and cause vomiting, bloody feces, glazed eyes, bright tongue, stumbling, and unconsciousness.

Huskies have thick coats which can make them vulnerable to overheating. This is often noticed more in huskies than other breeds of dogs. Pay attention to this and if things get out of control, don’t hesitate to call your vet.

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