Why Does My Dog Step on My Feet


Why Does My Dog Step on My Feet

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Are you surprised by the sudden feet of your dog touching your feet? And you have noticed that it happens quite often? Then you may be worrying about different things and thinking, “why does my dog step on my feet”!

We are going to start by saying, relax!

Why Does My Dog Step on My Feet

There is a myth that when dogs step on your feet, they want to dominate you. This is not true! Dogs do not want to dominate you, and you should not worry about it.

The “wolf myth” refers to the idea that dogs are descended from wolves, and that they therefore have a natural instinct to take over the world. However, this is not true. Dogs do not have the same instinctual desire to take over the world as wolves do.

Reasons of Why Does My Dog Step on My Feet

Suppose you take your dog out for a walk in a new neighborhood, and you are exploring the sight yourself. Suddenly you feel something on your feet and see it’s your dog’s feet. You keep on noticing your dog doing the same thing, and you are worried about thoughts of “why does my dog step on my feet”!

The reason could be that your dog is trying to see around themselves as well. When they are looking around, they may think you will start to walk away all of a sudden. That is why they may step on your feet so they will get the indication when you move.

It can also mean that they are trying to deliver you the message that they are still here by touching your feet.

Your dog may have separation anxiety and feel afraid of losing you. Stepping on your feet may make them feel safe.

Final Thoughts

That was all about why does my dog step on my feet. I hope our recommendation will get you off from worrying thoughts about the situation.

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