Why Does My Dog Prefer My Husband

Dogs are one of the most loved pets around the world. Almost all of the US families have a pet dog. And naturally, the intimacy of the dog is created equally with all the members of the family. There are some specific people with whom the pet dog bonds more, and there are many underlying reasons behind this. Sometimes it happens that the pet dog loves the male member of the family most. Specifically, the husbands are more adored by the dogs. Today we will discuss some possible key points responsible for your dog, inclining the husband.

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The first aspect that we want to exhibit in this case is the socialization of your dog. The term socialization refers to the ability of your dog to get familiar with others. This is the most critical aspect because once the dog is brought into your house, the dog faces a new environment. And the first six months is the peak time for getting your dog familiar with this environment. In this situation, the owner must provide the most suitable facilities for your dog. The husband can be amiable in these scenarios with the dog, and this beginning phase will help create a friendly relation between the dog and your husband. If the dog gets more company from your husband and gets familiar with your husband, there is a high possibility of growing more intimate. So the socialization period can be a massive influence for your dog to get bonded with your husband more.


After socialization, the most important thing for bonding between the dog and the person is attention. We all know that pet animals always want attention, so the dog owner needs to consider this specific matter. Once the dog has passed the socialization state, it will start bonding more intensively with the family members. The bonding will be stronger and deeper.

This is a very crucial moment for the dog and the members.So if your husband pays more attention to your dog in this particular period, then your dog may get more attached to your husband. Besides, the dog will also love your husband’s attention and start to feel comfortable around him. In this manner, the perfect bonding can be established between the owner and the dog. #5.When you and your husband are together, make sure to spend some quality time with your dog too. Let him sit on your lap or play with him. This will show your dog that you both love him equally and he won’t feel like he is missing out on something.


The dog is always inclined towards the good stuff, another essential aspect that can be termed as a core reason behind your dog bonding more with your husband. Apart from socialization and attention, your dog will also love the person who has positive attributes towards it.

The role of the dog owner is essential in providing a positive environment for the dog. Dogs need human interaction and companionship to feel secure and loved. When your husband spends more time with your dog and never lets the dog feel lonely, your dog will start getting positive vibes from the person.

Besides, your husband can also play Frisbee and ball throwing with the dog, and after your dog has fetched the ball, provide a treat of your dog’s favorite food as a token of love. These will make your dog feel safer in your husband’s hands, which can be a reason more liking your husband most.

Human Personality

Now we would like to discuss an inborn quality of a human responsible for bonding with the pet dog. This is the personality of the dog owner. Dogs are always attracted to the character of a human. They sometimes want to imitate human behaviors and attributes. In such cases, if the dog is attracted to your husband’s personality for apparent reasons, it is quite sure that it will start bonding with your husband. Besides the regular cuddling and playing with your dog can also create intense attraction between them.

Smell and Playfulness

Sniffing is one of the most vital features of a dog, and if a dog admires the smell of your husband, they will bond more. Besides, the jolly mind and the playful nature of your husband can also attract your dog. In this manner, the relationship between your dog and your husband is bolstered.


Throughout the discussion, we have been highly familiar with the traits that influence your dog for obtaining an intimate attachment to a particular person. And we are highly optimistic that these critical points are responsible for the affection between your dog and husband. So if you want to grow the same influence on your dog then you can follow these aspects and act accordingly. Thank you for your precious time. Have a nice day!

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