Why Do Chihuahuas Cry Tears


Why Do Chihuahuas Cry Tears

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Pets are our best friend. Their funny acts give us more joy and fun every time. We can always find them at the time of our danger. Well, that’s the best part of the pets, and due to that, most of us love our pet from the bottom of my heart. That’s why we can’t bear their pains. However, if you have brought a Chihuahua, you might have noticed that they cry with tears sometimes. That can be really overwhelming for the feint-hearted owners. So, why do chihuahua cry tears? Wanna know? Let’s find out!

Why Do Chihuahuas Cry Tears

First of all, don’t worry. Your chihuahua isn’t dissatisfied with you. It doesn’t even indicate that they are sick of something. So, stay relaxed. This is in their natural behavior. The reason that is making your little do cry is that they have taken away from their mother. Your little dog also loves its mother, and she will need a little time to understand your love for her. Chihuahua may cry in their crate at night, and it may also sound like a little scream but don’t be afraid of that.

Why Do Chihuahuas Cry Tears?

Chihuahuas are usually known for their crying habit. They will cry out for attracting your attention when they need to be fed or even when they want to go out to pee or poo. Aside from this, these puppies also cry out of their anxiety, especially when they are left alone. This generally happens when you leave them at night.

The departure from their mother is also a reason for their crying. These puppies are taken away from their mother at an early age. It is sad, but it is the truth. They might start crying due to the lack of security and familiarity with the new place.

So, if you have brought or about to bring a chihuahua, be prepared to handle a baby. This might make you prone to lose some sleep, but you have to train them up. Your chihuahua is not meant to stay a small dog all the time. Your dog has to adjust to the new place and become an adult eventually.

So, just leave them for a particular time. This might seem cruel, but if you don’t treat this behavior, it may develop in them. This must be cracked down, and that’s why you will have to move forward through a training process.

Do Chihuahuas Cry Tears?

“Yes, of course. Not only do chihuahuas cry tears, but other dogs do too. But the tears of chihuahuas are not the same as ours. The tears of a chihuahua will not run down from their eyes, and instead of that, it may go directly into their nasal cavity. So, the tears of the chihuahua are a bit different from others.”

The Reasons for Which Chihuahua Puppies Can Cry

Health Reasons

Chihuahua puppies can usually cry due to their first arrival in your home. But aside from this, they can also cry because of some health reasons. Such as:

Chihuahuas Cry Tears Health Reasons

Blocked Tear Ducts: We know this is odd. But this sensitive dog breed will start crying more if her tear ducts are blocked for any reason. If this happens, the eyes of your chihuahua may turn into brown or red colors.

Allergies: Eye allergies can also make your chihuahua cry. The reaction of allergy will trigger more watery content from the eyes of your chihuahua. And most of the owner misunderstands this as crying. But actually, the watery is discharging due to their health issues. So, make sure to look closely before attempting to anything else.

Chihuahua puppies cry during their first month. You should give them the time to grow. But mainly, they do this at the time of sleeping in their crate. If you ignore this and let them continue crying, things can go out of control. So, it is crucial to take proper steps against this. First of all, make sure that their crate is comfortable. This means adding a soft bedding or blanket inside it. Secondly, you can try to feed them in their crate. This will help them associate the crate with something positive. Lastly, you should never punish them for crying. This will only make things worse.

The Crate Crying

These are the reasons which can make a chihuahua dog cry in their crate:

Loneliness: Chihuahua puppies don’t sleep without their siblings. If you have brought a small puppy, they may cry out of their loneliness.

Bored: Stimulation is crucial, and if your chihuahua hasn’t got that throughout the entire day, it may make them bore at night. And lastly, it can make them cry.

Fear: If you have got an older dog or a rescued dog, they may still suffer from the trauma. Those negative connotations can make them cry at night.

Toilet: Sometimes, things are pretty simple. Your chihuahua may cry because they just want to go out for the toilet; nothing else.

How to Prevent the Crying Behavior?

Step 1

One of the simplest ways is to keep them happy and comfortable at night. Well, you can do this with some simple tricks. Just put her favorite toys, or a warm blanket, or some small treats hidden in their crate. This will encourage them to forget the negative connotations.

Step 2

The placement of the crate will have a large impact on their crying behavior. If you have a young puppy, putting her crate far away from your room will eventually make you scared. It may help you sleep, but they won’t be able to sleep.

To prevent loneliness and insecurity, keep the crate within sight of your room for a few weeks. After some time, you can move the crate away.

Step 3

Pay close attention to the size of your crate. Remember, they will need additional space to move, walk and stand up. So, instead of making them feel caged, choose the correct size crate.

Final Thoughts

Why do chihuahuas cry tears? Is it clear to you now? Hopefully, the above guide has helped you to understand the facts. If you are still confused, you can inform us through the comment section below.

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