What to Do If Your Dog Eats A Pork Bone


What to Do If Your Dog Eats A Pork Bone

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Dogs are always attracted to food, and this makes them easily prone to diseases. For this reason, the dog owner needs to keep an eye on their pet. But sometimes they tend to eat foods which creates anomaly inside their body. Pork bones are such a sort of food, which makes the health debilitating. This can easily affect the intestine of your dog, and there might be subsequent choking. So it would help if you always refrained your dog from eating these.

What to Do If Your Dog Eats A Pork Bone

But if your dog has already eaten pork bones and swallowed them, then specific measures should be followed immediately to save them from further drastic consequences. We know that pork bones are fragments, and they are very sharp. So there is a high possibility if your dog to get affected by the sharp edges. In this situation, you must feed your dog something soft. This will allow your dog to digest the food properly, and the sharp edges will not affect it.

If your dog has diarrhea or is vomiting, you should check their stool to see how their bowel movement is. You can also give them bread, chicken, and rice to help with digestion. Pumpkin puree is also good for them in this situation.

As a responsible owner, you should keep track of your dog’s stool for the next few days. If you find blood or other anomalies in the stool, you should take your dog to the vet. Swallowing pork bones can affect your dog’s tummy for two to three days, but it will eventually subside. We hope our suggestions have been helpful. Have a nice day!

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