What Happens When a Dog Eats a Frog


What Happens When a Dog Eats a Frog

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Dogs are common pets for us. Most of the time, they stay outside and may eat something poisonous like frogs. Here, we will give our best opinions on what happens when a dog eats a frog.

What Happens When a Dog Eats a Frog

Environments & Poisons:

It is also essential to know the time of heavy shedding of your rottweiler, as by knowing that you will be able to prepare your dog to deal with the issues that happen as we described above. The shedding period of rottweilers is twice a year. One happens between spring and summer, the other one between fall and winter.


  • Chewing the skin of the frog will cause your dog to start foaming in the mouth. This process is happened to eliminate the poisons from the frog. It is not so dangerous.
  • Some toads emit bufotoxins from the parotid gland. It is very harmful to dogs and may cause death.
  • If your dog makes foam in the mouth or diarrhea, vomits, shacking, then your pet is in trouble by taking the bufotoxins. Immediate veterinary care is required, or your pet may not live.
  • Sometimes, you may observe hallucinating your dog due to these bufotoxins. Treat this situation as a priority as it is deadly.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, you cannot be sure about your dog got poisons or not. You should take your dog to the nearest veterinary care if any of the above issues are found. You may clean the foaming from the dog’s mouth in your home as it is not so dangerous but be careful that your dog does not inhale any liquids during your cleaning. Another important thing is that if you find the frog or toad that your dog bit, keep it for the veterinary care experiments to deal with the poison of your dog.

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