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What Do Chihuahuas Like to Play With

Chihuahuas are one of the most recognizable dogs in the world. They are small, adorable, and have ranked as one of the most miniature dogs in the world. But this doesn’t determine its behavior. Chihuahuas are more energetic, and they love to play, enjoy their time.

The playful act of the Chihuahua is more enjoyable to their masters too. But the problem is most of the Chihuahua owners don’t just understand what type of games Chihuahua would enjoy most and what do chihuahua likes to play with? That’s why we have prepared this article to clear all the hesitations. So, if you are also one of them, have a tight seat, and let’s sort things out!

What Do Chihuahuas Like to Play With

What Do Chihuahuas Like to Play With?

There is a variety of games that a chihuahua would like to enjoy. We will describe them one by one. But for now, let’s see what they would prefer most for playing.


Like other dog breeds, frisbee is, of course, their most favorite game. It is actually a plastic disk that floats in the air without any effort. There are several sizes of frisbees out there. The bigger dogs would like to chase the bigger ones, but dogs like chihuahua may like the smaller versions of frisbee. So, you should search for a smaller one.

The most interesting thing about the Frisbee is that they are available in lots of fun colors. So you can pick any of those colors that you like most.

Dog play with Frisbee

 The most interesting thing about the Frisbee is that they are available in lots of fun colors. So you can pick any of those colors that you like most.

Squeaky Toys

Many stuffed toys that can be pounced or squeak are Chihuahua’s favorite. They are more likely to leap them. If you can use the stuffed toys, it will allow the chihuahua to pounce on a soft surface. As a result, they will get more enjoyment throughout the playtime.

Apart from their playing, squeaky toys are also useful for maintaining their attention in a proper condition. In order to make the game more fun for your chihuahua, first, squeak the toy. And then toss it to your dog.

Squeaky Toys

Fetch the Ball

Fetching the ball is a fun game for every dog. But chihuahua finds more fun in chasing the ball that was thrown. In this case, you can use some handy treats as a prize. This will allow you to train them up at the time of playing. Fetching the ball is one kind of self-explanatory game, but if they are properly trained up, it will save your dog from choking. They will also learn to bring the ball towards you.

Final Thoughts

Chihuahua, like many other games, namely voice command or walk, cornhole, toss beanbags, tug of war, gotcha, and more. You can play any of these games to have some fun time. Hopefully, you have got the answer to your question about what do chihuahuas like to play with. If you are still confused and want to learn more about chihuahua, let us know through the comment section below.

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My Pets Guide